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US-Backed Forces Declare Victory Over ISIS In Raqqa

After a US-backed coalition of Kurds, Shiite militias and Iraqi forces pushed ISIS out of Mosul earlier this year, a similar coalition of US-backed Arab and Kurdish fighters – supported by US airstrikes – has declared victory over ISIS in Raqqa, reclaiming the terror group’s de facto capital for the first time since ISIS first […]

Armed Antifa Group Hosts “Our Enemies in Blue” Anti-Police Workshop

FarLeftWatch is out with another exposé on militant liberals, this time spotlighting the activities of the “Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement (RAM),” a violent leftist organization training to “radicalize a new generation of revolutionaries.” Republished with permission. In the last few days, several prominent Antifa websites have been promoting the expansion of the far left group Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement (RAM). It’s Going Down, Sub.Media, and Insurrection […]

U.S. Starts Shipping Weapons To Syrian Kurds

Just three weeks after reports first emerged that the Trump administration was considering arming the Syrian Kurd militia caught in the crossfire between Turkish and Syrian army forces, NBC reported that the American military has started shipping weapons and equipment to the Kurdish fighters of the Syrian Democratic Forces, also known as YPG, a key […]

Video Emerges Of U.S. Marines Rolling Into Syria For Raqqa Offensive

Yesterday we noted that the Trump administration was mulling over sending 100s of U.S. Marines to Raqqa to establish an outpost from which they could fire artillery at IS positions to support U.S. special forces and Kurdish fighters already on the ground.  Now, just one day later, video has emerged of dozens of heavily armored […]

US-Backed Forces Launch Military Offensive On Islamic State Capital

As the world remains focused on the unprecedented emotional rollercoaster that the US presidential election has become, a U.S.-backed alliance of Syrian, Kurdish and Arab  armed groups launched an operation to retake the northern city of Raqa, the capital of Islamic State in Syria. The new offensive ratchets up pressure on Islamic State at a […]