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Is This The New Media Normal: Manufactured News For Hire?

Authored by Lee Smith via, Donald Trump, Jr. appears to be the latest figure in President Donald Trump’s inner circle to be caught in the giant web of the Great Kremlin Conspiracy. Trump the younger said he was promised dirt on Hillary Clinton, but that all he got in his June 2016 meeting with […]

The Reason Behind The Sales-Surge For Nuclear-Proof Bunkers

Authored by Eric Zuesse via The Strategic Culture Foundation, On April 15th, Zero Hedge bannered «Doomsday Bunker Sales Soar After Trump's Military Strikes», but this growth in the market for nuclear-proof bunkers is hardly new; it started during the Obama Administration, in Obama’s second term, specifically after the Russia-friendly government of Ukraine, next-door to Russia, got […]

Newly-Declassified Documents Show that CIA Worked Closely with Owners and Journalists with Many of the Largest Media Outlets

Newly-declassified documents show that a senior CIA agent and Deputy Director of the Directorate of Intelligence worked closely with the owners and journalists of many of the largest media outlets: The United States Senate Select Committee to Study Governmental Operations with Respect to Intelligence Activities found in 1975 that the CIA submitted stories to the American […]

Ivanka Trump Oversaw Trust Of Fox News Heirs Throughout Campaign Cycle

Ivanka Trump vacationing with Putin’s rumored girlfriend — The Hill (@thehill) August 15, 2016 / by Tyler Durden / Feb 8, 2017 9:31 AM The Trump family has long had a contentious relationship with the media, from the left-leaning organizations like the New York Times and the Washington Post all the way to Fox News, […]

Megyn Kelly Leaving Fox News For NBC

Trump is on a roll: having dispatched of Ford’s Mexican facility plans, followed shortly by the GOP’s proposal to overhaul the independent Ethics office just just a handful of tweets, moments ago the NYT reported that Trump’s old Fox News nemesis, Megyn Kelly is leaving Fox to join NBC. According to the Times report, Kelly […]

Trump’s Bait And Switch?

Submitted by Nomi Prins via, Given his cabinet picks so far, it’s reasonable to assume that The Donald finds hanging out with anyone who isn’t a billionaire (or at least a multimillionaire) a drag. What would there be to talk about if you left the Machiavellian class and its exploits for the company of […]

Meet The Real “Fake News”

In its attempt to redirect the public’s attention from its historic failure to deliver unbiased, objective, factual reporting in the context of the presidential election in which virtually every single mainstream media outlet was revealed (courtesy of the hacked Podesta emails) and acted as a Public Relations arm for the Clinton campaign, said media has […]

Anti-Catholics & Elitist Bigots

Submitted by Patrick Buchanan via, Will Hillary Clinton clean out the nest of anti-Catholic bigots in her inner circle? Or is anti-Catholicism acceptable in her crowd? In a 2011 email on which Clinton campaign chief John Podesta was copied, John Halpin, a fellow at the Center for American Progress that Podesta founded, trashed Rupert […]

Frontrunning: September 15

Global stocks struggle for footing after bond slip (Reuters) Mobileye says Tesla was ‘pushing the envelope in terms of safety’ (Reuters) Donald Trump is a problem for the whole world, EU’s Schulz says (Reuters) Stuck on Ship, One Gloomy Hanjin Crew Waits to Learn Its Fate (WSJ) U.K. Approves EDF’s £18 Billion Hinkley Point Nuclear […]

Is Ivanka Trump Vacationing In Croatia With Putin’s Girlfriend?

Trump recently posted a photo of daughter Ivanka hanging out in Croatia with Wendi Deng, the rumored girlfriend of Russian President Vladimir Putin.  To the extent Trump is hoping to distance himself from Putin we might suggest this is not the best way to go about it.   Ivanka Trump vacationing with Putin’s rumored girlfriend […]