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Russian Billionaire Deripaska Responds To AP Story On Manafort Ties / by Tyler Durden / Mar 22, 2017 In the latest attempt to stir the pot over allegations that Trump and members of his closest circle had ties to Russia, on Wednesday, the AP unearthed a 2005 memo from former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort – who was let go by the Trump campaign in the summer […]

Noted Putin Critic Warns of Confrontation Between Trump and Russia, Not Collaboration / Michael Krieger / Mar 21, 2017 One thing we should have learned over the past year or so is you can take any narrative being pushed by the corporate media and Democrats, and assume that the exact opposite is true. The current Trump-Russia hysteria could very well turn out to be the latest and most embarrassing […]

Oil Pumps’n’Dumps After Russia Mentions Production Cut / by Tyler Durden / Mar 21, 2017 10:22 AM It appears the weight of positioning is too much to maintain any OPEC/NOPEC jawboning. READ MORE The post Oil Pumps’n’Dumps After Russia Mentions Production Cut appeared first on Silver For The People.

Stocks and Precious Metals Charts – Love Is Moving / 20 MARCH 2017 Wife: Would you like dinner? Husband: Sure! What are my choices? Wife (with a narrowing look):  Yes or no. Someone sent that joke to me today, and I thought it was funny. And true. Stocks were sluggish today, with tech showing a little more resilience than the broader markets. They all […]

Comey Confirms FBI Is “Investigating Russian Meddling” In US Election, Probing Trump-Russia Ties

James Clapper and others stated that there is no evidence Potus colluded with Russia. This story is FAKE NEWS and everyone knows it! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) March 20, 2017 / by Tyler Durden / Mar 20, 2017 Despite President Trump’s early tweets, Director James Comey just confirmed The FBI is investigating possible links between […]

Intel Chair: “No Collusion Between Trump and Russia… Leak Is The Only Crime” / Dr. Win Thin / March 20, 2017 EM FX had a stellar week, ending on a strong note in the aftermath of what the market perceived as a dovish Fed hike Wednesday.  Every EM currency except ARS was up on the week vs. USD, with the best performers ZAR, TRY, COP, and MXN. There are […]

Intel Chair: “No Collusion Between Trump and Russia… Leak Is The Only Crime” / by Tyler Durden / Mar 19, 2017 Just as was predicted, based on the expectations management being undertaken by high-ranking Democrats, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes confirmed on Sunday that he’s seen no evidence of collusion between President Trump’s campaign and Russia. *** As The Hill reports, Nunes was asked during an interview on […]

World War III Is Nearing As US-Chinese Talks Fail / By Dave Hodges / March 19th, 2017 I am more convinced that ever that the Chinese are going to join forces with Russia and attack the United States. The latest round of meetings between Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, is a living testimony to that belief. I recently wrote two articles which spelled out […]

Crazy McCain Accused Rand Paul of ‘Working for Putin’ On Senate Floor / Dr. Fly / Mar 15, 2017 In an effort to further his saber rattling against Putin and Russia, McCain is leading the charge to get Montenegro added to NATO. Libertarian Rand Paul, a man consistently against foreign intervention that costs the lives of millions, objected to it and walked out of the room — which […]

Russia is About to Unleash the Most Bats*** Insane Survival Reality Show

In recent years, the people of Russia have developed a reputation for being a little more hardcore than the rest of the world. So it follows that if Russia ever produced a survival based reality show, it would probably be a little more crazy than Survivor. Well that hypothetical show is about to become a […]