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Bitcoin Futures Crash Over $2000 From Open, Converge To Bitcoin Spot

Update: Bitcoin and Bitcoin Futures have collapsed since the futures opened… Dropping over $2200 to converge with spot… *  *  * Both CME and CBOE Bitcoin Futures contracts opened above $20,000 this evening (with Bitcoin spot hovering around $19,000). However, as soon as trading started, Bitcoin futures got hammered lower.   Those expecting a surge […]

“Millennials Don’t Care About Logos”: How Collapsing Brand Loyalty Will Allow Amazon To Dominate Apparel

Despite daily affirmations from the White House that “everything is awesome” with the economy, 2017 has been a miserable year for retailers.  As Reorg First Day points out, over 30 retailers, with debt aggregating into the billions of dollars, have filed for bankruptcy so far this year… After Shiekh Shoes’ filing today, at least 30 […]

“The Retail Bubble Has Now Burst”: A Record 8,640 Stores Are Closing In 2017

        “Thousands of new doors opened and rents soared. This created a bubble, and like housing, that bubble has now burst.”         – Richard Hayne, Urban Outfitters CEO, March 2017 The devastation in the US retail sector is accelerating in 2017, and in addition to the surging number of brick and mortar […]

Flying Is About To Get Even More Miserable…Well, At Least For Poor People

At a time when you would think the airlines would be a little more image conscious, you know because of that whole beating customers and dragging them off the plane thing that United did, they’re apparently doubling down on efforts to make “Flying The Friendly Skies” the most miserable experience ever.   After years of […]

Macy’s Surges On Hudson’s Bay Takeover Report; Would Add To Portfolio Including Saks And Lord & Taylor

With Macy’s making the headlines in the past few days on speculation it was shopping itself for a potential buyer, a thesis first laid out by David Einhorn one year ago, moments ago the WSJ reported that Hudson’s Bay, the Canadian owner of Saks and Lord and Taylor, has made a takeover approach for the […]

Retailers Panic: 63% Of Americans Plan Not To Shop On Black Friday

The day after Thanksgiving, also known as Black Friday, is when the holiday shopping season in the United States traditionally begins and is the day when retailers (at least in the past) finally turned a profit, going from “being in the red” to “in the black.” However, in recent years, this trend has seen turned […]

ZeroHedge: Another Bubble Has Burst: The Miami Luxury Condo Market Is A “Ticking Timebomb”

Be prepared for the next great transfer of wealth. Buy physical silver and storable food. Last year we warned that the luxury condo market in Miami was cooling down, and we also noted that one of the mail culprits was the fact that foreign buyers (especially Brazilians) were seeing their buying power crushed by the […]

ZeroHedge: Frontrunning: February 11

Be prepared for the next great transfer of wealth. Buy physical silver and storable food. Gold Roars to One-Year High as Turmoil Drives Safe Haven Demand (BBG) Banking Stocks Pummeled in Europe (WSJ) Dollar, stocks plunge sparks scramble for safety (Reuters) Nymex Crude Slips Below $27 a Barrel (WSJ) No Respite for S&P 500 as […]

Frontrunning: December 15

Global stocks rise but oil, Fed keep investors nervous (Reuters) Janet Yellen: An orthodox economist for unorthodox times (Reuters) House Democrats Said to Be Open to Lifting Oil Export Ban (BBG) Don’t Count on an Oil Rally If U.S. Crude Export Ban Is Lifted (BBG) Germany welcomes 34-state Islamic military alliance against terrorism (Reuters) U.S. […]

Frontrunning: June 15

Tsipras Hardens Greek Stance After Collapse of Talks (BBG) Obama Fights to Save Trade Bill (WSJ) German Stock Market Pain Seen Just Beginning Should Greece Exit (BBG) Russia to boost forces in western flank if U.S. stations arms in east Europe (Reuters) Lab Nears Settlement Over Pricey Medicare Drug Tests (WSJ) China’s $358 Billion in […]