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2018: The Year Central Banks Begin Buying Cryptocurrency

Authored by Eugene Etsebeth via, Behind closed doors, G7 central banks are sluggish traders that buy and sell the same foreign currencies, marketable securities, special drawing rights (SDR) and gold day in and day out. Central bank traders follow the investment policy enforced by the executive committees with specific asset allocation targets. In order […]

Pressure: “Culpable For Our Bubble Economy And Trying To Shift Blame Before A Collapse”

This article was written by Brandon Smith and originally published at Editor’s Comment: What goes up must come down. This action has been planned for sometime. It is clear that the Federal Reserve pushed the QE liquidity bubble to its absolute extremes during the Obama years, knowing all along that it would simply raise […]

Bigger Crash Coming: “Scale of the Final Stage of Collapse Will Be Truly Unprecedented”

This article was written by Brandon Smith and first published at Brandon’s site is Editor’s Comment: The system is taking advantage of the public’s naivety, and its false hope in the latest stock bubbles. The truth is that the underlying factors are tipping towards disaster; the real economy is grinding to a halt, […]

Trump to Collapse the Dollar in 2017? Analyst Sees “Economic Crisis Coming”

The demise of the dollar and the collapse of the economy could impact us in a big way during 2017, or in the near future. For better or worse, the age of Trump could soon become synonymous with financial crisis on a scale that has never before been seen. The system is looking for a […]

“Whole of Global Economy Could Be in Shambles”: Fed-Initiated Crisis Looms Over Trump Presidency

This article was written by Brandon Smith and published at his site. Editor’s Comment: This confrontation between the Federal Reserve and Donald Trump – painted as a populist outsider willing to destabilize the system – has been brewing for sometime. SHTF has reported many times on the double game of timing rate hikes to […]

It Will Be “Failure of the Dollar System” Not Nuclear War That Destroys the U.S.

This article was written by Brandon Smith and originally published at his site. Editor’s Comment: The conflict at hand is indeed complex, and will have a huge impact on the American people. While our divorce from the parasitic and psychopathic leaders in Washington and on Wall Street is long overdue, we’ve become hostage to […]

World Order Shifts, Yuan-Based SDR Launches: “The Most Important Story You Didn’t See This Week”

October 1st, 2016 marked a historic day – and one that signals the death of the dollar. It was China’s national holiday, and the official launch of the IMF’s SDR basket of currencies – which is now denominated partly in the yuan, making China a major part of the world reserve currency. The new world […]

The Great Global Reset Has Begun / Michael Noonan / 10 December 2015  Brandon Smith of Alt-Market spells out how the globalists are taking over by hiding in plain, boring sight. In my last article, I outlined the deliberately engineered trend toward the forced “harmonization” of national economies and monetary policies, as well as the ultimate end goal of globalists: a single world currency […]

Eight Things on My Mind at the Start of the New Week / by Marc Chandler / November 15, 2015 1. Nous Sommes Paris: The attack in Paris is tragic and reprehensible. Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and the people in France. There are several political and economic consequences, aside from the tighter security and elevated alertness. The attack overshadowed other issues at the G20 […]

Shock of all shocks, the IMF announced the Chinese yuan will not be admitted into the SDR until at least Sept. 2016 / By Bill Holter via Global Research / August 08, 2015 Financial Warfare, China and the Gold Market Shock of all shocks, the IMF announced the Chinese yuan will not be admitted into the SDR until at least Sept. 2016. What exactly does this mean? I can tell you the gold community is so shell shocked […]