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Stephen Miller Is Reportedly In The Running For Scaramucci’s Old Job At The White House

President Donald Trump has barely been in office for six months and already he's seen three communications directors come and go – Mike Dubke, Sean Spicer (who handled its duties when the post was vacant) and Anthony Scaramucci. And now sources inside the White House are telling Axios that Senior Policy Adviser Stephen Miller is […]

There Was No Good Reason To Fire “The Mooch” After Just Ten Days

Authored by Duane Norman via Free Market Shooter blog, On July 21st, Anthony Scaramucci, affectionately known as “The Mooch” by the media (and everyone else), was hired to be President Trump’s White House Communications Director.  His short tenure consisted of the following: The resignation of Sean Spicer The relentless attack of “leakers” within the Trump […]

Watch Live: Sean Spicer Tells The Press To ‘Forget Paris’

Updates: Not surprisingly, the very first question of the day came from a reporter at ABC who asked Scott Pruitt the following: “I’m hoping you can clear this up once and for all.  Yes or no, does the President believe that climate change is real and a threat to the United States?”  EPA chief Scott […]

Kushner Role In White House Suddenly Unclear; May “Return To Private Life”

In the first segment of Friday night’s “Trump bombshell” report published almost at the same time by Reuters and the WSJ, anonymous sources reported that Trump is preparing a “war room” upon his Saturday return from Europe, to “combat negative reports and mounting questions about communication between Russia.” We did point out some discrepancies: on […]

Trump Told Russians Firing “Nut Job Comey” Eased Pressure From Investigation

It's that time of day again. The market is nearly closed, the weekend draws close and the mainstream media needs a new narrative. Well voila – from none other than anonymously source US officials, The New York Times proclaims that President Trump told Russian officials in the Oval Office this month that firing the F.B.I. […]

Spicer Back At The Podium With Monday’s Press Briefing / by Tyler Durden / May 15, 2017 1:54 PM After evading the press for much of the past week in the aftermath of Comey’s firing, and following this weekend’s unconfirmed report that Trump may be seeking to fire Sean Spicer (along with several other key members of the Trump inner circle), not to mention the latest […]

Watch Live: Spicer Returns To Brief Press After “Missing” Two Days Of Comey Questions

Spicer Updates: Not surprisingly, the first questions for Spicer were concerning Trump’s early morning tweet about potential tapes of his conversations with James Comey.  Also, not terribly surprisingly, Spicer refused to add any color beyond Trump’s tweet. “Is [Trump] currently recording conversations taking place in the Oval Office?”Spicer: “The president has no further comment on […]

Comey Firing Fallout Day 2 – White House Press Conference Live Feed

After Trump’s foot-in-mouth error over the Comey firing timeline, let’s see how Sarah Huckabee Sanders (Sean Spicer still in hiding at The Pentagon) explains it this time?   Live Feed…

While Apologizing For Hitler Fiasco, Spicer Says Trump Trying To “Destabilize” Middle East

In what may have been the worst day in Sean Spicer’s life, the White House press secretary first drew a storm of criticism and ridicule Tuesday after butchering Godwin’s law, when trying to compare Syria president Bashar al-Assad to Adolf Hitler by saying that even the Nazi leader didn’t “sink to using chemical weapons.” “We […]

Spicer Declines to Comment on Susan Rice Controversy, says Investigation Taking ‘Troubling Direction’ / Dr. Fly / Apr 3, 2017 3:34pm EST The White House’s press secretary, Sean Spicer, declined to comment on revelations made today, regarding Susan Rice being the one responsible for ordering the unmasking of Trump and his cohorts during ‘incidental’ surveillance gathering aka spying. READ MORE The post Spicer Declines to Comment on Susan Rice […]