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Washington Exempts Itself From Obamacare, Airport “Sequester” Delays / By Tyler Durden / 04/25/2013 11:24 The uncomfortable effects of government actions are being felt everywhere. Obamacare concerns are, anecdotally, delaying hiring, causing firms to change benefits for the people, and increasing taxes on the great majority. On the other hand, in the context of the “sequester”, which is merely a slowdown in the breakneck […]

60 Completely Outrageous Ways The U.S. Government Is Wasting Money / By Michael Snyder / March 24th, 2013  Is there anyone better at wasting money then the U.S. government?  Despite the sequester and all of the talk about “deep cutbacks”, the federal government continues to waste money in some of the most outrageous ways imaginable.  For example, does the U.S. government really have to spend […]

11 Things That The Obama Administration Is Doing To Promote More Illegal Immigration / By Michael Snyder / March 10th, 2013 Why does it seem like Barack Obama has been doing everything that he can to sabotage our border security and promote more illegal immigration?  The number one responsibility of the president of the United States is to defend our nation, and yet Obama stubbornly refuses to secure […]

On Closing the White House / By Bruce Krasting / March 9, 2013 So the White House is closing its doors to the public today. Budget cuts related to the sequester are the blame. The WH tours are closed after a decision by the Secret Service that it could not afford to maintain security. The savings for shuttering the […]

Impeachment Is For Breakfast, Lunch And Dinner / By Karl Denninger / March 6, 2013, 12:28 What do you call intentionally screwing the American public? I call it grounds for impeachment, because it is. In the internal email, Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service official Charles Brown said he asked if he could try to spread out the sequester cuts in his region to minimize […]

Three Unorthodox Views / By Marc Chandler / March 6, 2013 In separate pieces we have sketched three views that are outside the consensus. We thought it would be helpful to pull them together into one note. 1. Resilience of the US economy: Many fear that the end of the payroll savings tax holiday and the sequester will […]

True?…or Not True? / By Eric Fry / 03/04/13 Let’s play a little game of “True/Not true.” We ask the question and you answer, “True” or, “Not true.” 1) Two police officers in Colorado lost their jobs and face felony charges for shooting an elk. 2) Two police in Washington State lost their jobs and face felony charges for shooting […]

Viva Sequester! / By Bill Bonner / March 4, 2013 America missed an asteroid. It dodged a depression. It sidestepped the Mayans’ ‘end of the world’ curse. But the ‘sequester’ strikes Planet America. The Dow was heading for an all-time high based on two rationales. First, housing seems to be in a real recovery. Here in Delray a […]

The Great Backpedal: The World Has NOT Come To An End / By Wolf Richter / March 3, 2013, 1:45PM Now that the “sequester” is in effect, horrid budget cuts will befall the US economy and tear it to smithereens. It would be the end of the world as we know it. 750,000 people would suddenly lose their jobs, planes would stop flying, orphanages would shut down, […]

Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts – Sequester Will Harm Effectiveness of the CFTC / By Jesse / March 1, 2013 CFTC Chairman Gensler noted on financial television that the sequester will make the enforcement efforts of his agency in policing the markets harder, and it will be more difficult to ‘stop the bad guys on Wall Street.’ Isn’t he the one that just went to court and filed a brief in support of […]