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Why There’s Nothing Exciting About the Jobs Reading / By George Leong / June 11, 2013 It sure doesn’t take much to get this stock market excited, which we have seen over the past six months as stocks have edged higher in spite of any concerns regarding the fiscal cliff and the sequestration. Even a potential stock market bubble in Japan is being pushed aside. […]

Sequestration: U.S. Spends $288 Million On Ammunition For Afghan National Police / By Tim Brown / April 3, 2013 Despite the fearmongering over sequestration, it is only the deicisions of the Obama administration as to what they cut and what they don’t that are troubling. One of the biggest issues to come out of the administration was the Department of Homeland Security releasing hundreds of illegals who […]

U.S. National Debt to Surpass GDP for Third Year in a Row / By George Leong / March 18, 2013 The more I look at the size of the national debt, the more I get squeamish. With the national debt at $16.7 trillion and growing, something needs to be done, as the Federal Reserve continues to print money, creating the artificial economy that is making people think America is faring […]

Congress, Drones and The Imperial Presidency / By Ron Paul / March 11, 2013 Last week the US Senate took a break from debating the phony cuts known as “sequestration,” for Senator Rand Paul to hold a 13-hour filibuster to force the Obama administration to state whether it believes the President has the right to kill American citizens with drones on US soil. I find it […]

Why America Will Be the Next Japan / By George Leong / Mar 4, 2013 The media is harping on about how the U.S. is well on its way to recovery. Well, I don’t agree—the country’s economy is slowing. In the fourth quarter, gross domestic product (GDP) growth based on the second estimate expanded at 0.1%; this is above the -0.1% reading […]

The Sequester ‘Crisis’ And What Should Be Done

Ron Paul / By Ron Paul / March 4, 2013 Despite what the media and politicians would have us believe, the United States did not collapse last Friday when the package of spending reductions known as “sequestration” went into effect. The financial markets hardly blinked, as they have come to be more skeptical about these periodic […]

Reaching Debt Limits / By Gail Tverber / 03/01/2013 If an economy is growing, it is easy to add debt. The additional growth in future years provides money both to pay back the debt and to cover the additional interest. Promotions are common and layoffs are few, so a debt such as a mortgage can easily be repaid. Figure 1. […]

A Perspective on Sequestration from the Cockpit of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter / By John Galt / February 28, 2013 20:30 ET There is a crash about to happen yet no one understands the noise nor will hear it. The United States of America is about to pay a $150+ trillion bill for decades of arrogance, waste, and spending on foolishness which will result in the collapse […]

The Sequestration Boondoggle / By Jeffrey Tucker / March 2, 2013 Illegal immigrants will flood in! You will be stuck in security lines for hours! Children will go hungry! Planes will fall from the sky! No, this isn’t a recap of the nightmare scenarios concocted by Y2K maniacs some 13 years ago. Instead, this is what the White House itself […]

Who Will Win the Game of Sequestration Chicken? / By Gary North / March 1, 2013 Obama says Congress must raise taxes on the rich. Public opinion polls say most Americans agree. Most Americans are thieves. They want all of the government-provided goodies at someone else’s expense. That is what the welfare state is all about. Speaker of the House Boehner says […]