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Stephen Hawking Joins Effort To Confirm If Oumuamua Object Is Alien Probe

The first mysterious object to reach our solar system was originally thought to be a comet or an asteroid from within the system. But now, physicist Stephen Hawking is leading an investigation into whether or not this object is a spaceship from an alien civilization. Soon after the celestial object reached our solar system, scientists discovered that it […]

Snowden’s Interesting Take on Aliens: “We Can’t Pick Up Their Encrypted Communications”

This article was written by Joshua Krause and originally published at the Daily Sheeple. Editor’s Note: Perhaps the truth is out there, but it is just encrypted. It is perhaps very likely that intelligent life much more advanced than ours would guard the secrets of its communication more closely than civilizations on earth, who have […]

Ellis Martin Report with Suzanne Taylor Producer/Director of What on Earth

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