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French Porn Star Erupts At Macron For “Demonizing” Adult Film Industry

A French porn star and adult film director has lashed out at French President Emmanuel Macron, accusing him of “demonizing the porn industry” after the French leader said pornography is to blame for turning women into an “object of humiliation.” Ferrara challenged the French president to meet with him and female porn actresses after France’s […]

Hackers ‘Screw’ Millions Of PornHub Users In Large-Scale Malvertising Scheme

Via, Proofpoint, a next-generation American cybersecurity firm, has uncovered a large-scale malvertising  campaign in adverts appearing alongside videos on PornHub (Alexa US Rank 20 and world rank 37 as of this writing). Researchers at Proofpoint have pinpointed KovCoreG group, the hacker organization behind the “sophisticated social engineering scheme that convinced users to infect themselves” […]

Welcome to the Third World, Part 10: Students Become Strippers

Be prepared for the next great transfer of wealth. Buy physical silver and storable food. / By John Rubino / December 4, 2012 Poverty – or its prospect – sometimes leads one to make surprising choices. Here’s a truly disturbing example, from London’s Independent: Students and the sex industry: Empowering or the last resort of […]