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Man Destroys Corrupt City In Bulldozer Rampage: “What Happens When You Have Too Much Government Interference”

Sometimes, when you push people too far, they push back. And that has never been more true than when a man from Granby, Colorado decided to build a homemade tank, reinforced against armaments of all kinds, and take out the institutions he saw as corrupt. OK, sure, this happened back in 2004 – so it […]

Empty Shelves and Madness: A Minor Winter Storm Drove People Into “Panic Buying of Food And Basics”

Can you picture empty store shelves? A couple of weeks ago, in early January, there was a relatively minor storm in the South and Southeast U.S. Cold weather, threat of the power going out, snow and ice and empty store shelves. This wasn’t the big one. And yet it was enough to bring things to […]

FEMA Readies for Civil Unrest and Food Shortages: “Coming Crisis of Epic Proportions”

This article was written by Claire Bernish and originally published at The Anti-Media. Editor’s Comment: As usual, these government training scenarios play a double game, by spreading fear throughout the population and preparing the people and federal agencies alike for greater government control in the face of crisis. Nevertheless, the factors are all too real, […]

SHTFplan: This Is The Collapse: Discount Grocery Store Serving Poor Cleaned Out: “Bargain-Hungry Shoppers Emptied the Shelves”

Prepare yourself. Buy physical silver and storable food. This article was written by Michaela Whitton and originally published at The Editor’s Comment: This story isn’t quite what you might think at first if you just scanned over it, but it still demonstrates an alarming trend:  namely, just how desperate so many have become. Basically, […]

America Waiting to Explode: “If Supply Lines Go Down… Millions of FDA-Approved Drug Addicts Go Psycho”

How bad can things get? Preppers know the scenarios – any major crisis from economic breakdown, to civil unrest and riots, an EMP, natural disaster or plain out martial law can bring things to a halt with shocking quickness. And chaos is nearly always the end result. But this article examines just how far America […]

Food Riots Are Coming As Cost Soars: “50 Million Americans Are Dealing With Food Insecurity”

This article was written by Dave Hodges and originally published at his Common Sense Show website. Editor’s Comment: Though it seem unimaginable, millions of Americans could starve, even right next to some of the wealthiest individuals in the world. In a nation of plenty, more and more face the possibility of being unable to purchase […]