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The Real Conspiracy: Conspiring to Cast Everything as a Conspiracy Theory

Via The Daily Bell Everything is a conspiracy, the elite globalists control us all, they will win, and resistance is futile. Well, in that case, what’s the point of even fighting it? In fact, if all is so hopeless, why even bother pointing out how hopeless it is? Or could it be–gasp, conspiracy!–that those ultra-pessimists […]

Bernie Sanders Cut Off After Saying ‘CNN Fake News, Whaddaya Think?’

Hilarious stuff. The chimps over at CNN must have a keyword trigger for whenever a guest says the words ‘CNN Fake News’ — which prompts an instant audio cut. After all, calling a CNN journalist ‘fake news’ is no different than calling a black person the ‘N word.’ Shills.   Speaking of CNN fake news. […]

Sean Hannity Goes Nuclear on GOP Obstructionists for Not Acting on Trump’s Agenda

On his radio show this afternoon, Sean Hannity chimped out and called out republican shills who’ve been obstructing President Trump’s agenda by twiddling their thumbs and not writing bills to fund infrastructure projects, tax cuts and healthcare reform. Essentially, Trump is at the mercy of a very corrupt and globalist shilling GOP — led by […]

President Trump Continues to Troll the Left Over Inaugural Crowd Size

For reasons beyond the scope of rational thinking, during confirmation hearings today for The Office of Management and Budget, Senator Jeff Merkley, shill from Oregon, produced a photograph from Obama’s 2008 inauguration and compared it to a sparsely populated Trump one — which was taken in the morning before the crowd had filled in, and […]

Pro Immigration Advocate to Americans: You Do A lot of Drugs, Therefore You Do Not Deserve Borders

Listen up border fags: because of your wanton proclivity for doing drugs, snorting cocaine through straws and/or inhaling crack smoke through glass pipes, you don’t get to have a country. Your borders are meaningless and you should permit any Mexican or Central American pavement slob into your country — because of your sins and because […]

Tucker Carlson Takes on DNC Chair Candidate Jehmu Greene and Humilitates Her

Tucker Carlson delved into a discussion with Jehmu Greene, frontrunner to become the next shill to head up the DNC, and got very specific when it came to the issue of drug prices and Trump’s proposal to import American made drugs from Canada, because our country is partly run by the big pharma industrial complex. […]

“The Spiritual Center” of the Democratic Party, John Lewis, Says Trump Is Illegitimate Because Muh Russians

The cuckery has reached a fevered pitch and the democratic party, in what can only be construed as a traumatic emotional breakdown on an institutional level, are throwing the gauntlet down here and now by sending out the so called ‘spiritual center’ of the party, Congressman John Lewis — declaring Trump ‘illegitimate’ because (wait for […]

Democrat Strategist on CNN Said ‘We Don’t Need White People Leading Democrats Now’

When asked by two CNN shills who she thought should be the next Chair of the DNC, democrat statagist, and former Bernie Sanders spokeswoman, Symone Sanders said ‘we don’t need white people leading the democrats now.’ Instead, she felt someone of a darker persuasion should lead them, in order to best represent ‘diversity.’ Apparently, diversity […]

Morning Joe Highlights the Idiocy and Hypocrisy of the Media Over Presidential Recount

When Trump said he was going to leave his options open, in regards to accepting the results of the election — the media went apeshit, decrying him to be a dog and a scoundrel. But now that Shill Stein and Soros funded Marc Elias from the Clinton campaign decided to do it after getting defeated […]

The Washington Post: Useful-Idiot Shills For A Failed, Frantic Status Quo That Has Lost Control Of The Narrative

Submitted by Charles Hugh-Smith via OfTwoMinds blog, Don't you think it fair and reasonable that anyone accusing me of being a shill for Russian propaganda ought to read my ten books in their entirety and identify the sections that support their slanderous accusation? I was amused to find my site listed on the now-infamous list […]