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Martin Shkreli May Need To Forfeit Wu-Tang Clan Album

The Brooklyn prosecutors who won a guity verdict against former pharmaceutical CEO Martin Shkreli over the summer are demanding the “Most Hated Man in America” forfeit $7.4 million in cash and assets as part of his punishment. In order to do this, Bloomberg says Shkreli will likely need to surrender the $5 million bail he […]

Shkreli Lawyer Distances Himself From ‘Most Hated Man In America’ As Trial Begins / by Tyler Durden / Oct 21, 2017  While former Turing Pharmaceuticals CEO Martin Shkreli languishes inside a federal jail in Brooklyn, the trial of his former attorney – and alleged co-conspirator – Evan Greebel is just beginning, with the defense and prosecution giving opening statements Friday. The timing is unfortunate. Shrekli’s trial – which ended […]

Martin Shkreli: “Prison Life Isn’t That Bad”

Martin Shkreli says prison life at the notorious “Club Fed” jail in Brooklyn isn’t all that bad. The former Turing Pharmaceuticals CEO and recently convicted felon, whose bail was revoked last month after prosecutors successfully argued that Shkreli’s Facebook post offering $5,000 for a strand of Hillary Clinton’s hair represented a credible threat of violence. […]