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Investors Admit Stocks Are The Most Overvalued Since 2000, Rush To Buy Them Anyway

There is something ironic in the latest monthly Fund Manager Survey from Bank of America. On one hand, a net of 34% of survey respondents said equities now the most overvalued in the past 17 years, in other words either fund managers were still in middle school when it happened and don’t recall the 2000 […]

Deutsche Bank: “The Probability Of A Negative Shock Is High”

For the second week in a row, Deutsche Bank’s strategist Parag Thatte has a somewhat conflicted message for the bank’s clients: on one hand, he writes that positive economic surprises continue “but are getting less so”, and although the divergence between har data surprises and sentiment is diminishing the bank is somewhat confident that a […]

Snap Crashes Below $20

Snap Inc shares are now down over 30% from their post-IPO highs, and are breaking below the $20 level on their way to the $17 IPO price. It seems options markets did nothing to slow the selling…     There are no "Buy' reccommendations among the 10 analysts that cover Snap…

Dow Dumps Below 21,000 As Fed Hawks Batter Bonds & Bullion

So after the biggest inflows to SPY in 27 months sending stocks soaring on dropping volume and plunging GDP expectations, today saw Stocks Down, Bonds Down, Gold Down, VIX Down, USD Up, Rate Hike Odds Up… But it was all so easy yesterday! Rate hike odds soared to 90%… (Powell joined the crowd today following […]

David Tepper Asks “Why Are Stocks And Bonds Acting So Differently”

With bond and stock markets having recently bifurcated, signalling two distinctly different outlooks on the future of the reflation trade, the confusion among the “smartest money” persists. Close up this looks even more divergent.   Friday was the 6th day in a row that The Dow and the Long Bond have risen in price together… […]

Late-Day Panic-Buying Sends Dow To Longest Record Streak In 30 Years

Millions of investors cried out today…   "Pause that refreshes" or "Time to panic"? Of course utter panic buying into the close ensure a green close and an 11th record in a row – the longest streak in 30 years – because everyone knows stocks don't close red into the weekend – The Dow went […]

Is This Overlooked Statistic Signaling Investor Complacency?

Via Dana Lyons' Tumblr, The number of unchanged issues on the NYSE has spiked, often a sign of complacency among investors. While the price structure and breadth in the stock market remain solid and supportive of higher prices, one area of concern that we have been noting is investor sentiment. Specifically, it is too complacent […]

Stock Dip Kills Longest Win Streak In 4 Years As Catalyst-Crusher Comes To An End

Once again all eyes were on "soft" data (Philly Fed) as "hard" data (housing starts miss) disappointed and the forced buy-in pressure lifted…   7 days up in a row for the S&P 500 (longest streak since March 2013) was the limit it seems as Catalyst's statement that it had completed its forced buy-in to […]

Stocks Soar To Record Highs As Trump Drops The ‘T’ Word, Sparks Biggest Short-Squeeze Since Election

What a difference a word makes…   Can you spot the moment when President Trump said the word "tax"…   Record highs for The Dow, S&P, and Nasdaq.   Of course it's all just another bigly short squeeze…Today saw "Most Shorted" stocks soar 2.5% – the biggest squeeze since the election   VIX crushed back […]

Squeeze Over? Short-Interest Plunges To 3-Year Lows

"Most Shorted" stocks are crashing today – down the most since Brexit.   Total Short Interest has collapsed from its highest since 2008 (at the March 2016 lows) to the lowest in three years now…   The question is – is there any short-squeeze ammunition left?   Because the whole world is positioned for moar… […]