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SHTFplan: SHOCK VIDEO: Mob Boss Shot Dead By Assassin

Prepare yourself. Buy physical silver and storable food. A Russian mafia boss was recently gunned down at a party he threw to celebrate his release from prison by a hooded assassin.  The macabre killing was caught on video and captures how Alexander Zhestokov was approached from behind by an assassin who opened fire from close […]

Siberian Super Volcano Erupts Spewing Scorching Hot Ash 6 Miles Into The Sky

A Siberian super-volcano is worrying scientists after it’s shocking and sudden eruption flung hot ash six miles into the sky. This volcano is one of the most active in Russia. Scientists working at the geophysical department of the Russian Academy of Science in north-eastern Russia’s Kamchatka Krai region have confirmed the giant eruption took place at […]

Elon Musk thinks we’re all going to die– here’s his Plan B / Simon Black / November 24, 2017 251 million years ago, the Great Permian Extinction wiped out around 96% of Earth’s species. Scientists call it “the great dying.” And they believe it occurred because of an eruption in Siberia that released more than 200 billion gallons of molten lava. The lava released large amounts of Sulphur […]

Russia is About to Unleash the Most Bats*** Insane Survival Reality Show

In recent years, the people of Russia have developed a reputation for being a little more hardcore than the rest of the world. So it follows that if Russia ever produced a survival based reality show, it would probably be a little more crazy than Survivor. Well that hypothetical show is about to become a […]

Deadly Cyberattacks Highlight the Need for a Cybersecurity Upgrade

Be prepared for the next great transfer of wealth. Buy physical silver and storable food. / by Byron King / Aug 29, 2013 Here’s what an eyewitness — one of the few survivors — stated in the official report of the catastrophe: “I was standing upstairs when I heard some sort of growing noise. Then […]

RussiaToday: Tyva: Separated from Civilization (RT Documentary)

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