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Silver Set To Soar

Gold prices have far outpaced gains in silver so far this year, but silver will emerge as the winner for the second year in a row. With a per-ounce price of $17.41 for silver futures as of Friday, analysts say the white metal is poised for a big climb, particularly as the gold-to-silver ratio stands […]

Perth Mint Silver Bullion Sales Surge 43% In March

Perth Mint Silver Bullion Sales Surge 43% In March – Perth Mint’s silver bullion sales rise 43% in March – Perth Mint’s monthly gold coin, bars sales fall 12% – Gold silver ratio of 32 – 32 times more silver ounces sold– Gold: 22,232 oz and Silver: 716,283 oz – bullion coins and minted bars sold– Gold is […]

Demand For Physical Gold Is Collapsing

Authored by Simon Black via, I serve on the Board of Directors of a large Singapore-based company that’s in the gold and silver business. And, last night during our quarterly conference call, the management team gave me a lot of intriguing information. Sales of physical gold and silver are collapsing across the entire industry. […]

Currency & The Collapse Of The Roman Empire

At its peak, the Roman Empire held up to 130 million people over a span of 1.5 million square miles. Rome had conquered much of the known world. The Empire built 50,000 miles of roads, as well as many aqueducts, amphitheatres, and other works that are still in use today. Our alphabet, calendar, languages, literature, […]

Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts – Perth Mint Silver Coin Sales Record / 01 OCTOBER 2015 “I am amazed at how blatant a price manipulation algo is in gold futures this morning. Really affecting prices.” Eric Hunsader, Nanex Surprised? Not so much. They do it almost every day. Speaking of another day, there is another fine for JPM of $1.86 billion for rigging the swaps market. I […]

Why Silver Coin Premiums Rise Amid A Falling Silver Price / Money Metals / August 11, 2015 Lower precious metals prices on Wall Street aren’t necessarily bringing lower prices on Main Street. The retail market for gold and silver coins, bars, and rounds has been swamped with high demand since mid June. Both the U.S. Mint and the Royal Canadian Mint continue to run into serious issues […]

A Silver Coin that is Money To Calm the National Tantrum in Mexico

Unanimous support for the Monetized Silver Coin for Mexico Project, on the part of all State Governors gathered at the National Governors’ Conference (CONAGO) in March 2006. In the picture, in the first line, the Governor of Mexico State at that time and today President of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto, for the PRI party; Amalia […]

Silver Bells May Soon Be Ringing / by Sean Brodrick / Thursday, December 19, 2013: Issue #2189 They say that a bell never rings at the top and the bottom of the market. But there’s some real jingling going on in silver right now. And it may just be the start of something big. Could you profit from it? Yes! There’s no […]

Silver Coin Collectors and Pawn Shops are Getting Duped: “Very High Quality Fakes” / By Mac Slavo / May 6th, 2013 With rising precious metals prices comes the age-old scam of counterfeits. Fake gold coins and bars,  many originating from China, have been discovered at dealers all over the world, including some high profile banks. Some analysts have even suspected that central banks, which hold thousands of tons of […]

Silver Coin Clipping in the Digital Era / By Dr. Jeffrey Lewis / February 7, 2013 Price suppression, market controls and market manipulation have become the modern day equivalent to coin clipping in the silver market. Monetary debasement is not a new phenomenon and has been practiced by various governments throughout the ages, either as a way for them to profit […]