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Le Pen Names Nationalist As Prime Minister In Last Minute Bid To Boost Votes

With one week to go until the runoff round in the French presidential elections, Marine Le Pen – materially lagging her rival Macron according to daily polls – on Saturday chose defeated first-round candidate Nicolas Dupont-Aignan as her prime minister, in a last-minute attempt to court his voters and help her defeat her opponent. “As […]

Margaret Thatcher, R.I.P.

Be prepared for the next great transfer of wealth. Buy physical silver and storable food. Margaret Thatcher, who brought the UK back from the brink. R.I.P. / By Pater Tenebrarum / April 9, 2013 Britain Before Thatcher When the ‘Iron Lady’ won her first election in 1979, the UK – a former global empire […]