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Prepare for War: Globalism, Socialism, and Communism vs. Freedom

“Peace Sells, But Who’s Buying?”  – Megadeath “SI VIS PACEM PARA BELLVM.”  (If you wish peace, prepare for war) PVBLIVS FLAVIVS VEGETIVS RENATVS (aka: “Vegetius”) “Peace through superior firepower.” – former President Ronald Reagan *** History: It repeats itself and is consistently ignored before it does so. Ignored are the elements that lead up to the repeated event, […]

Socialists In Oregon Pass ‘Universal Healthcare’ But They Have No Idea How To Pay For It

Typical socialists: approve a massive government program by calling it a “right” with exactly zero plans or ideas on how to fund the program. House Democrats in Oregon passed a resolution referring a question to voters without a single Republican vote. It heads next to the Senate. The provision would ask voters to alter the […]

Here’s The Information The DNC DESPERATELY Tried To Hide During The SOTU Address

During Wednesday’s State of the Union address, elitist Democrats were desperately trying to hide some information.  Not only are they still burned by Donald Trump’s win over Hillary Clinton in 2016, the information they filed with attempts to conceal it is probably also a source of some chapped hindquarters. Filed during the State of the Union […]

Socialist Dystopia: Starving Venezuelans Loot As Runaway Inflation Forces Pillaging For Food

The socialist dystopia of Venezuela is seeing inflation at such high rates that the starving civilians have resorted to looting the few stores left and pillaging for scraps of food. The 2600% inflation rate and socialist policies are destroying what was once South America’s wealthiest nation. Worsening food shortages and runaway inflation have unleashed the […]

Catalan Separatists Seen Winning Thin Majority, Exit Polls

Exit polls in the much-watched Catalonia regional elections show the separatists winning a majority by a razer-thin margin… While those in favor of indepedence appear to have an absolute majority, the pro-Spain Ciudadanos party got the most seats. Here's a party-by-party breakdown from the 8tv poll: Ciudadanos Seen Winning 34-37 Seats: 8tv Poll Esquerra Republicana […]

Apple Co-Founder: This Is Not My America / By Staff Report / June 19, 2013 Woz: This is not my America … Stopped by Spanish language tech journalists at an airport, the Apple co-founder says that after the NSA revelations, he questions his own government and wonders whether it’s behaving like a king. As the passions and justifications swirl around the revelations […]

RIP IRON LADY / By AWD / April 8, 2013 Top 25 Quotes of Margaret Thatcher 1. Pennies don’t fall from heaven – they have to be earned here on earth. 2. No one would remember the Good Samaritan if he’d only had good intentions; he had money as well. 3. Economics are the method; the object is […]

ECB to Double its Staff / By Martin Armstrong / February 4, 2013 We are on the verge of a very serious collapse in Europe. France has effectively rejected German austerity and if Merkel is replaced by the Socialists, there goes Europe. Behind the scenes, Brussels is blaming, behind closed doors (on good sources), Switzerland and Britain claiming that the Euro […]

Name The Author: “How The Capitalists Are Trying To Scare The People” / By Tyler Durden / November 15, 2012, 20:05 Name the author: No socialist has ever proposed that the “tens of millions”, i.e., the small and middle peasants, should be deprived of their property (“made to abdicate their property rights”). Nothing of the kind! Socialists everywhere have always denied such nonsense. Socialists are out to make […]

‘Enough is Enough!’ Spanish & Greeks unite in austerity rage

It’s a day of mass protests across the EU, as people rail against austerity, cuts and economic hardships – which they say are not their fault. Fresh demonstration are brewing across Greece – as the government seeks to implement the drastic austerity me…