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Financial and War Crisis Ahead – John Xenakis – [wepollock]

John uses Generational Dynamics to forecast future events. We talk about the major flash points around the world including the Caucuses, South China Sea, and the Middle East. Growing nationalism, internal rebellion, economic events, and demographic trends are aligning around the world much the same way they did just before WWI. Points Covered Include The […]

Failing Empires are Paper Tigers – Part 3/3

The United States cannot afford to fund the empire so its assurances become a very dangerous thing in terms of its military commitments worldwide. Not being able to provide stability the US will selectively apply instability.. The Unites States will not pay for its commitments. Leaders of the world are making a mistake to rely […]

A Primer on Empire Collapse with Impact

A definition of Empire being a function of Geography (This is explained further and visually in "a rental" video which outlines this process via a Dymaxion Map). We have confused the function of physical-empire with financial function. Money facilitates the natural geographic function of empire. An empire is a transportation network, distribution and rationing scheme, and an entitlement scheme. We are now in Empire Collapse and it will have profound impact.