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Fighting inflation with FX, a real traders market

(GLOBALINTELHUB.COM) Dover, DE — 7/18/2017 — Hidden in plain site, as the Trump administration finally released something of substance regarding the so called promised “Trade Negotiation” we see FX take center stage in the global drama unfolding.  As noted on a Zero Hedge article: The much anticipated document (press release and link to full document) released by […]

Lord Rothschild: “This Is The Greatest Experiment In Monetary Policy In The History Of The World”

Two months ago, the bond manager of what was once the world’s biggest bond fund had a dire prediction about how “all of this” will end (spoiler: not well). Gross: Global yields lowest in 500 years of recorded history. $10 trillion of neg. rate bonds. This is a supernova that will explode one day — […]

ZeroHedge: Pure Coincidence? Massive McKinsey-Managed Hedge Fund Has Made Money In 24 Out Of 25 Years

Be prepared for the next great transfer of wealth. Buy physical silver and storable food. McKinsey, known as one of the world's most influential consulting firms, has another business line that hasn't been talked about much until recently – a little known investment arm called McKinsey Investment Office (MIO). MIO has total assets of $9.5 […]

ZeroHedge: These Are The Stocks “The Big Short’s” Michael Burry Owned As Of December 31

Be prepared for the next great transfer of wealth. Buy physical silver and storable food. Combing through (45 days delayed) hedge fund 13F holdings reports used to be interesting work… before it became clear that hedge funds are just a herd of levered beta chasers, hobbled by years of central planning which has made a […]

“The Bankers Have Gone Through This Before. They Know How It Ends, And It’s Not Pretty”

When even the commodity traders got caught in the crossfire of the energy rout – those supposedly smartest men (and women) in the room who were so smart, they not only never saw the commodity price crash nor did they hedge for any such possibility, leading to such snafus as both Glencore and Noble Group […]

Australia Has A New Prime Minister: Ex-Goldman Partner Turnbull Overthrows Tony Abbott

Former Cabinet Minister Malcolm Turnbull is set to become Australia’s sixth prime minister in just eight years after beating Tony Abbott in a Liberal Party ballot on Monday.  The vote caps a tumultuous stretch for Australian politics which has a seen a series of politcal coups and counter-coups dating back to 2007. Here’s Reuters: Australia […]

Hedge Fund Horrors: First Einhorn Has Worst Month Since 2008, Now Paulson Getting Redeemed

Although hindsight is always 20/20, one could be forgiven for questioning the wisdom of making concentrated bullish bets on both Puerto Rico and the Greek banking sector, but that’s exactly what John Paulson did and needless to say, the results haven’t been favorable.  As a matter of fact, Paulson’s bets on Puerto Rico and Greece […]

Chris Mayer: No Big Theme in US Stocks, Just “Special Situations and Quirky Opportunities” (Sprott’s Thoughts)

    Posted with permission of Sprott Global Resources   By Henry Bonner ( Source: Agora Financial Listen to audio recording (Mp3) >     There’s a big macro theme playing out in Europe – a once soft economic environment that allowed lots of inefficiency is becoming tougher and forcing companies to restructure, says Chris […]

ZeroHedge: On The Looming Wall Of Chinese Defaults, Restructuring Firm Warns “You Know It’s Coming”

Be prepared for the next great transfer of wealth. Buy physical silver and storable food. The news this week of China's largest corporate bankruptcy – Haixin Iron & Steel Group – amid crashing iron ore and steel prices was followed by analysts noting it "will be followed by others," as the major flaw of producers […]

ZeroHedge: Lessons In Investment Warfare

Be prepared for the next great transfer of wealth. Buy physical silver and storable food. Submitted by Tim Price via Sovereign Man blog, "Let us learn our lessons. Never, never, never believe any war will be smooth and easy, or that anyone who embarks on that strange voyage can measure the tides and hurricanes he will encounter. […]