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SHTFplan: Eerie Censorship Precedent: Big Tech Proves Alex Jones’ Motto Correct

Prepare yourself. Buy physical silver and storable food. The banning of Alex Jones’ YouTube channel has just set a dangerous precedent for free speech.  Big tech has just proven they are no friend of free speech, by censoring those with whom they disagree while simultaneously proving Jones correct. Jones had a large following on YouTube, about […]

Tesla’s Response To Amazon Foods: A Streaming Music Service

Not to be outdone by Jeff Bezos’ “out of the box thinking”, Elon Musk has turned the amplifier of fast money to ’11’… Car-maker, tech stock, solar company… and now music streaming service. Oh the genius of Elon Musk… “you just don’t get it” As ReCode reports, put this one in the “You can do […]

McDonalds To Hire 250,000 This Summer Via SnapChat, Spotify And Hulu /by Tyler Durden / Jun 12, 2017 12:01 PM And just like that, the term Snaplicant was born, when moments ago McDonalds – which appears to have run out of “qualified” line cook and fast food job candidates (as our latest overview of the restaurant industry showed) – announced that it hopes to hire a quarter […]