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“Hold Gold”: Why This Country Wants Its People to Buy Gold

This article was written by Shaun Bradley and originally published at The Editor’s Comment: Important things are happening on the global stage with regard to the money system. It is a long game, and will take many years to fully play out. But one of those important developments involves the feverish return to gold […]

Payback Time / By Richard Russell / March 28, 2013 I’ve written about this before, but I want to emphasize this again. I’ve been asked to name one future situation of which I’m most certain. My answer is this – I believe the surest situation (change) in America’s future is a decline, even a drastic decline, […]

Would a Gold Standard System Have Worsened the 2008 Financial Crisis? / August 30, 2012 (This item originally appeared at on August 30, 2012.) A friend tells me that the soft-money advocates will always argue something along the lines of: “What if the financial crisis of 2008 had happened and we were on a gold standard?” They imply that a gold standard system […]

GOP go for gold / by Jan Skoyles / August 29, 2012 Mitt Romney’s announcement that the GOP draft platform will include a Gold Commission has taken some by surprise, with some major news publications claiming this was the first time gold has returned to the national debate for thirty years. This isn’t quite true. The most oft […]

Fiat Money Kills Productivity / by John Aziz / June 27, 2012 I have long suspected that a money supply based on nothing other than faith in government is a productivity killer. Last November I wrote: During 1947-73 (for all but two of those years America had a gold standard where the unit of exchange was tied to […]

How China Will Use the Yuan to End the US Dollar Standard / By Dan Denning / June 12, 2012 The most interesting news over the long weekend wasn’t to do with theSpanish bailout. The most interesting news is that China is moving to internationalise its Yuan currency. The steps are gradual, mind you, but in the long game of global power through monetary conquest, every step […]

Gold Standard, Gold Futures, and Perception Management / by JAMES WEST / June 6, 2012 The apparent end to momentum in the 12-year bull market in the gold price is a carefully coordinated exercise in perception management. J.P. Morgan and a handful of the world’s largest banks have been permitted the right to originate contracts for forward sales and purchases of various commodity […]

In a Gold Standard, How Are Interest Rates Set? / By Keith Weiner / June 6, 2012 Today, short-term interest rates are set by the diktats of the central bank. And long-term interest rates are set in a “market” in which the central bank is obliged to keep coming back to buy ever more bonds, and speculators front-run the central banks to buy […]

Buy Britain’s Gold Back / By Jan Skoyles / May 16, 2012 Great Britain was once the proud leader of the Classical Gold Standard. A global commercial and economic power, she operated on the gold standard from 1717. The Standard allowed the free movement of capital which in turn financed and expanded trade. Twenty per-cent of the growth […]

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May/05/2012 Technician Ralph Acampora: Public Absent, But New Secular Bull Market Has Started Also Ryan Puplava with the Market Wrap-Up, Chris Puplava with the weekly Market Bill of Health and Rob Bernard with the Fixed Income Report Big Picture, Newshour Renowned technician Ralph Acampora joins Jim this week. He sees low volume and a lack […]