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“It Feels Like An Avalanche”: China’s Crackdown On Conglomerates Has Sent A “Shock Wave” Across Markets

The first to suffer Beijing’s crackdown against China’s private merger-crazy conglomerates, wave was the acquisitive “insurance” behemoth, Anbang, whose CEO Wu Xiaohui briefly disappeared as the Politburo made it clear that the “old way” of money laundering – via offshore deals – is no longer tolerated. Then, several weeks later and shortly after the stocks […]

Summer Epocalypse Countdown: Trump Turmoil Takes Top Off Trump Rally

The following article by David Haggith was published on The Great Recession Blog: When financial Armageddon arrives, it can hit in a flash like a dangerous rogue wave — the kind that rises up when two big waves from different storms intersect and merge into a single wave big enough to capsize a ship. The global Wannacry warware attack and endless waves […]

Europe, US Futures Slip Despite Brent Bouncing Back To $51

Asian stocks rose lifted by commodity names; European equities trade mostly lower but with little in the way of conviction or firm direction while the Italian banking index is at the highest level in a year following domestic earnings; S&P index futures are modestly in the red after the cash market closed at a record […]

Billionaire Capital Turns Into Ghost Town: “Home Contracts Down 80%”, Trophy-Cars Pile Up In Showrooms

It used to be that a quick walk around downtown Greenwich could pass for an exotic car show but those days seem to be coming to an end as hedge fund returns have suffered and, as one jewelry store owner points out, “one doesn’t want to become the next episode of ‘Billions.’”    As recently […]

Son Of China’s “Grand General” Reveals Reason Behind China’s Capital Flight”

Over the past year, two recurring China-related themes have generated substantial media attention: the first is what we dubbed in early March, China’s wave of bizarro M&A, or what passed for “China’s most innovative capital outflow yet.” As we explained then, in China’s relentless eagerness to transfer funds and capital abroad (and thus, away from […]

Trump Unveils Economic Advisory Team; Carl Icahn Turns Down Invitation

Earlier today Donald Trump, who despite lagging Hillary badly in the most recent polls, remains perceived as the presidential candidate who is better equipped to do a “better job on the economy“… … even though a majority believes that Hillary is “more qualified” to be president (suggesting that to Americans the economy is not really […]

ZeroHedge: New Chinese Owner Of Waldorf Astoria Will Convert It Into Condos

Be prepared for the next great transfer of wealth. Buy physical silver and storable food. In October of 2014, Chinese insurance company Anbang purchased the historic Waldorf Astoria hotel in Manhattan for $1.95 billion. This M&A activity, as we have noted many times, was part of an effort to bypass Chinese capital controls and park […]

ZeroHedge: Big Names Are Bailing

Be prepared for the next great transfer of wealth. Buy physical silver and storable food. Submitted by John Rubino via, The list of heavy hitters who are saying bad things about this world and its financial markets – while acting aggressively on their pessimism – is growing to alarming proportions. A few examples: Stan […]

ZeroHedge: “We Are Unsure Whether To Wear A Helmet Or A Diaper” – Merger Arb Funds Crushed

Be prepared for the next great transfer of wealth. Buy physical silver and storable food. 2015 was the year of M&A: some $5 trillion in global merger and acqusition deals were announced, the highest level ever, topping even pre-crash 2007. In fact, last year there were more mega-deals, those valued at $20 billion or above, […]

ZeroHedge: Global Stocks Plunge After Bank Of Japan “Shock”

Be prepared for the next great transfer of wealth. Buy physical silver and storable food. It is very fitting that on today’s April 28th anniversary of the bull market, the day that officially makes this the second-longest “bull market” in history, the market got a stark reminder of just how it got there: through constant […]