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Google Is The Biggest Lobbying Spender In Tech

The fact that many major tech companies are headquartered in Silicon Valley doesn’t mean they don’t have a voice in Washington as well. As Statista’s Feliz Richer notes, according to documents filed in accordance with the Lobbying Disclosure Act, companies such as Google, Facebook and Amazon spend millions every year trying to legally influence D.C. lawmakers. The following […]

We Live In Peaceful Times… No Seriously

Ukraine, Syria, Iraq, the Islamic State, Yemen, Libya, Boko Haram – the world seems to be steeped in violence these days. Pretty much everywhere, you can hear and read the phrase, "This is as bad as it gets" – broadcast on TV, written in the newspapers and repeated by friends. However, that isn't quite true. […]

57% Of Americans Think Government “Works Better” When Women Get Involved

How are women viewed in different countries across the world? Views fluctuate massively depending on where you live with Russians particularly negative about women's responsibilities in the government or companies… You will find more statistics at Statista The data used in the infographic was compiled by Ipsos MORI. Only 34 percent of people in Russia say things would work better […]

Which U.S. Jobs Are Disappearing Fastest?

A long list of U.S. jobs are being rendered obsolete by technological advancements and automation. Which workers are most at risk? You will find more statistics at Statista Statista's Niall McCarthy notes that according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, locomotive firer is the job set to shrink the most over the coming decade. A locomotive firer […]

Smartphone Addiction Tightens Its Global Grip

How long is it since you last used your phone? Chances are, you're using it right now to view this post. Analysts from Statista's Digital Market Outlook have revealed that the amount of time we're spending with our smartphones online has increased substantially over the last few years. You will find more statistics at Statista The term […]

You Can’t Buy Love… But You Can Rent It

According to the Digital Market Outlook (DMO) by Statista, the country with the largest share of adults paying for a dating service is the United States. You will find more statistics at Statista As Statista's Martin Armstrong details, at 26.4 percent, over a quarter of Americans are spending their money on trying to find love (or a […]

Money Down The Drain: London Leads The World With The Most Cocaine In Its Wastewater

The European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction release data every year showing the levels of certain illicit drugs found in the wastewater of select European cities. Looking at cocaine, London is way in front of all other major cities analysed… You will find more statistics at Statista As Statista's Martin Armstrong points out, on an average […]

The Countries Where “Made In America” Really Matters

With President Trump’s America First agenda, we thought it would be useful to understand which other nations value America highly. As Statista’s Martin Armstrong details, the Made-In-Country-Index (MICI) 2017 has shed light on the reputation of products produced in 49 countries (plus the EU) worldwide. In the overall ranking, the U.S. placed in a ‘could do […]

America’s Border Patrol Budget: Spot The Obama Difference

President Trump's crackdown in illegal immigration means more wall-building, more ICE agents, and a notably bigger budget for the border patrol program. As the following chart shows, that would be an extreme departure from the stagnant spending on our nation's borders by President Obama. As Statista's Dyfed Loesche notes, the overall enacted budget for the […]

Most Illegal Immigrants Live In America’s Metropolitan Areas

Having exposed $27 Billion reasons why a number of America's city officials are up in arms over President Trump's sanctuary city defunding decision, we thought it worth investigating just where the most illegal (or undocumented or unauthorized – pick your politically correct term) immigrants reside in America. Across America, there are over 300 governmental jurisdictions […]