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Two Weeks Before Death, Stephen Hawking Predicted HOW The UNIVERSE WILL END

  Two weeks before passing away peacefully, renowned physicist Stephen Hawking predicted the end of the universe. In his final work titled A Smooth Exit From Eternal Inflation, Hawking predicted how our universe would eventually fade to darkness as the stars run out of energy. Hawking completed a theory outlining his prediction for the end of […]

Leading Astronomers: Oumuamua Is ‘Alien Probe With Broken Engines,’ Could Have Hostile Intentions

A leading astronomer studying the origins of the space object known as Oumuamua has come out declaring it’s an alien probe with broken engines.  Dr. Jason Wright claims that Oumuamua’s movement is that of a craft that has lost power to its engines. Right now, leading scientists are studying the odd “cigar-shaped” object which originated […]

Stephen Hawking Joins Effort To Confirm If Oumuamua Object Is Alien Probe

The first mysterious object to reach our solar system was originally thought to be a comet or an asteroid from within the system. But now, physicist Stephen Hawking is leading an investigation into whether or not this object is a spaceship from an alien civilization. Soon after the celestial object reached our solar system, scientists discovered that it […]

Stephen Hawking: ‘Earth Will Become A Flaming Ball Of Fire By 2600’

Physicist and professor Stephen Hawking is warning that earth will become a flaming ball of fire by the year 2600. He also warns that if humans want to avoid permanent extinction, we should be making plans to evacuate the earth. Hawking claims that mankind will destroy the earth making it a fireball within the next […]

Beyond the Point of No Return, Liberals Still Won’t Shut Up / Gary North / July 07, 2017 Stephen Hawking got a lot of public relations exposure when he recently said that the world is coming close to the point of no return on global warming. We read this: Hawking Says We’re Getting Close To The Point Of No ReturnSoon, no matter what we do, we’ll no […]

This Is The “Most Dangerous Moment In Human History,” Stephen Hawking Warns

The majority of people are sick of the status quo and feel they have been "abandoned by their leaders," writes renowned physicist Stephen Hawking in a recent Guardian op-ed warning that the rise of Donald Trump and Britain's Brexit vote come at "the most dangerous time in the history of the human race." Having previously […]