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After 100 Months Of Buying-The-Dip – Stockman Warns Of “Peak Crazy”

Authored by David Stockman via The Daily Reckoning, Just call it Peak Crazy and move on. There is absolutely no reason for the stock markets to be at current levels, let alone melting-up day after day. The fact that this is happening is a measure of how impaired capital markets have become as a result […]

Bonds, Bullion, Bitcoin, & Black Gold Slump As Dollar Jumps Most In 3 Months

Tepper tells us "we're nowhere near bubble levels in the stock market" – so buy… what's to worry about?   Trannies were top today, Small Caps slammed as Dow, S&P, and Nasdaq trod water… before closing weak… (Boeing and Apple saved The Dow, adding 30 points between them today as HD removed 30)   VIX […]

Wars and Rumors of Wars: Fire and Fury Signifying Nothing? Stock market caught in the crossfire / By David Haggith / 14 August 2017 August is a sultry month for stocks as markets thin out during the dog days of summer. Everyone leaves investing for a break from the heat. Statistically, August is the worst month for overall stock performance, while September delivers more of whatever August sends its way […]

How To Prepare For Another Market Face-Pounding

Authored by MN Gordon via, “Markets make opinions,” goes the old Wall Street adage.  Indeed, this sounds like a nifty thing to say.  But what does it really mean? Perhaps this means that after a long period of rising stocks prices otherwise intelligent people conceive of clever explanations for why the good times will […]

Amzon- Largest bearish reversal in 20 years takes place, says Joe Friday

Just the Facts….Amazon has done well for years and years and the trend remains up. This past month something took place in AMZN that has not happened in the past 20-years, see chart below- CLICK ON CHART TO ENLARGE The Power of the Pattern applied Fibonacci to the lows in 2001 and highs in 2013 at […]

Gartman Stakes His Reputation That “The Bull Market Has Come To An End”

If the algos were waiting for just one catalyst to unleash the buy everything, sell VIX program, they may have gotten it moments ago when, following a global rout across markets on yet another day of North Korean nuclear war concerns, Dennis Gartman, staking his “reputation” said that he is “fearful… very… that this wondrous […]

Stock Market Correction Hasn’t Begun to Begin! It Will (And North Korea Has Nothing to Do With It) / Mike “Mish” Shedlock / August 10, 2017 With the threat of nuclear war with North Korea looming, inquiring minds may be wondering what that threat is currently worth. Indices READ MORE The post Stock Market Correction Hasn’t Begun to Begin! It Will (And North Korea Has Nothing to Do With It) appeared first on […]

Transports could be repeating 1999 & 2007 now!

  Below looks at the Dow Jones Transportation Index since 1994. Is it possible that the Transports index is repeating the patterns that were created back in 1999 & 2007? Below is an update on a potential pattern that we have been sharing with members for months.   CLICK ON CHART TO ENLARGE In 1999, Transports closed […]

Zacks: “Market Rises After War Begins; It’s A Patriotic Duty By Investors”

Buy The Fucking Fire And Fury (BTFFF) That’s how one can summarize the latest report sent out overnight by Zacks EVP and editor of the “Zacks Elite” newsletter, Steve Reitmeister whose only intention was to prevent Goldman clients from selling following the escalating war of words between Trump and Kim, and instead to boost client […]

“Mystery” Central Bank Buyer Revealed: SNB Now Owns A Record $84 Billion In US Stocks

In the second quarter of the year, one in which unlike in Q1 fund flows showed a persistent and perplexing outflow from US stocks and into European and Emerging Markets, a trading desk rumor emerged that even as institutional traders dumped stocks and retail investors piled into ETFs, a “mystery” central bank was quietly bidding […]