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Two Key Indicators Show The S&P 500 Becoming The New “Cash”

Authored by Daniel Nevins via, Pension plan administrators do it. Their actuaries and consultants do it. Professional endowment and foundation investors do it. Financial advisors do it. Private investors may or may not do it, but they probably should. Do what? All of these folks already are or should be asking themselves the following […]

The Stock Market Is Like Yellowstone: “It’s Beautiful, But It Has A Volcano Underneath It”

Authored by Mac Slavo via, Anyone putting money in the stock market at this point should have their head examined. The fact that the stock market had reached a record high for the ninth day in a row should be enough for any rational person to see that we’re in a bubble of massive […]

There are only two other times in history when stocks were more expensive than today

We are having a hard time finding high-quality companies at attractive valuations. For us, this is not an academic frustration. We are constantly looking for new stocks by running stock screens, endlessly reading (blogs, research, magazines, newspapers), looking at holdings of investors we respect, talking to our large network of professional investors, attending conferences, scouring […]

Survey Shows A Majority Of European Youth Would Participate In Uprising To Overthrow Status Quo

Authored by Mike Krieger via Liberty Blitzkrieg blog, As the title of today’s piece implies, something very rotten is happening across the Western world and it’s starting to push many people, especially the youth, toward a breaking point. In the U.S., much of the problem relates to increased corporate power and monopoly, which has resulted […]

Howard Marks Redux: “There They Go Again” – Why Stock Investors Develop Amnesia

Authored by Johnny Hopkins via The Aquirer's Multiple blog, One of our favorite investors at The Acquirer’s Multiple – Stock Screener is Howard Marks. Howard Marks is Chairman and Co-Founder of Oaktree Capital Management, the world’s biggest distressed-debt investor. He’s known in the investment community for his “Oaktree memos” to clients which detail investment strategies […]

Bill Blain: “Markets Are Waking Up To The Reality Of The Trump Hangover”

As excerpeted from today’s edition of Bill Blain’s Morning Porridge “Americans can always be counted upon to do the right thing.. after they have exhausted all other possibilities..” So finally I got something right(ish) when I wrote about the imminent Trump Dump y’day. It was hardly rocket science: the over-inflated expectations on his deliverables have […]

Small Cap Stocks ‘Relative Risk’ Soars Near 11-Year Highs

Since President Trump’s election, Small Cap Russell 2000 stocks have outperformed (almost double the S&P 500). However, those gains have come at a cost – the price to protect against Small Cap stock losses relative to S&P 500 stocks is near its highest since 2006. Everything is awesome in Small Caps… domestic-focused, non-dollar-strength-exposed to Trump’s […]

JPM: “Turning Points In Market Trends Are Occurring At The Fastest Pace In History”

Ever get the feeling that the market has become frustratingly fast in responding to new information, with violent swings in either direction coming ever faster even if ultimately the “BTFD” mentality always seems to prevail? Well, it’s a fact.  As JPM reports in a new analysis, citing quantitative and qualitative metrics, markets have become more […]

Death Threats & Other Market Signals

Via ConvergEx's Nicholas Colas, Markets now swing on two anchors.  One is “Before Trump” – those financial estimates and economic assumptions that existed before November 9th, 2016. The other is “After Trump” – the earnings growth and concurrent inflation that capital markets are now baking into asset prices.    Today we offer up a snapshot […]

3 Things: Distortions, Earnings Missed, You’re Crazy

Submitted by Lance Roberts via, Distortions Of Investing One of the most important readings I have done as of late was from Horizon Kinetics on investing and modeling. It’s a bit long, but worth a read particularly if you are of the “buy and hold” type mentality. While the whole piece is worth reading, here was […]