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‘Hawkish’ Dudley Sparks Bond, Stock Selling With Puzzling Comments / by Tyler Durden / Jun 19, 2017 With two comments this morning that seemingly fly in the face of all common-knowledge, Fed’s Dudley offered a hawkish tone that sparked selling pressure in stocks and bonds even as USDJPY spikes. Dudley proclaimed first that an inverting yield curve is not a problem…  FED’S DUDLEY: FLATTENING YIELD […]

“Worst Since Lehman” – The State Of The US Consumer In One Dismal Chart / by Tyler Durden / Jun 9, 2017 U.S. companies (other than Amazon) that depend on consumers’ discretionary income are at their weakest ‘since Lehman’. As Bloomberg notes, for Doug Ramsey, chief investment officer at Leuthold Group LLC, this makes them cheap enough to be a “contrarian pick.” He cited a ratio between two versions of the […]

BofA: The “QE Monster” Only Ends When “The Wall Street Bubble” Finally Shocks The Fed

Below we excerpt some of the latest observations from BofA’s Michael Hartnett, who nearly a year ago first penned the “Icarus trade” concept – i.e., the final push in the US stock market to its all time highs –  and who has been expecting a “blow off top” to stocks, before it all comes crashing […]

Global Markets Mostly Higher After Mildly Dovish FOMC Minutes / by Jim Wyckoff / May 25, 2017 (Kitco News) – World stock markets were mostly firmer overnight. U.S. stock indexes are pointed toward higher openings when the New York day session begins. Major U.S. stock indexes are at record highs. Gold prices are firmer in pre-U.S. day session trading. Trading in the safe-haven metal has been […]

Interest in Gold and Silver is Always Lowest When Opportunity is Best / By JS Kim / Sunday, 14 May 2017 Earlier, in February/March of this year, on my SKWealthAcademy SnapChat channel, I warned daily of potential deep pullbacks in the asset prices of gold and silver that then materialized. In mid-March as gold/silver prices recovered, I wrote a blog article, here, titled, “Expect Divergences, Not Convergences, Between […]

25% Of Snapchat’s Market Cap Just Disappeared On Whopping $2.2 Billion Loss / by Tyler Durden / May 10, 2017 SNAP’s first earnings release since going public is shaping up to be a disaster, with the stock un-popping after hours and down 25% after the company disappointed on virtually every metric in its Q1 earnings release: Revenue of $149.7MM missed expectatations of $158 million The net loss of […]

Bubble Alert: We’ve Passed 2007 and Are On Our Way to 1999

The US stock market is officially in a massive bubble based on the one valuation metric that cannot be faked. Corporations can engage any number of accounting gimmicks to juice their earnings, cash flow, and dividends… for this reason P/E, P/CF and P/DY ratios are all suspect when it comes time to value a corporations. […]

Wells Fargo Tumbles To Lowest Since November After Buffett Dumps 9 Million Shares / by Tyler Durden / Apr 12, 2017 In an effort to keep its stake below 10%, Berkshire Hathaway has dumped 7.13 million shares of Wells Fargo in the last 2 days and intends to sell 1.86 million more shortly. The after-hours reaction in the stock is negative, dropping the bank’s share price to its lowest […]

Brandon Smith: The Next World War “Will Be Economic… Not Nuclear”

This article was written by Brandon Smith of and first published at Editor’s Comment: The elite appear to have a great deal in store for President Trump’s first four years… quite a few tricks up their sleeves, if you will. The wars are already being manifested; but the larger elements of financial upheaval […]

“I’m Sorry, We’ll Fix This”: United CEO Issues Apology To Passenger And Everyone Else / by Tyler Durden / Apr 11, 2017 Hopefully putting an end to the media circus that has gripped America’s attention over the past 24 hours, the CEO of United Continental, Oscar Munoz, has finally apologized for the airline’s handling of a Chinese-American passenger who was forcibly dragged out of a flight in Chicago, an incident […]