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Gartman Stakes His Reputation That “The Bull Market Has Come To An End”

If the algos were waiting for just one catalyst to unleash the buy everything, sell VIX program, they may have gotten it moments ago when, following a global rout across markets on yet another day of North Korean nuclear war concerns, Dennis Gartman, staking his “reputation” said that he is “fearful… very… that this wondrous […]

The Stock Market Is Like Yellowstone: “It’s Beautiful, But It Has A Volcano Underneath It”

Authored by Mac Slavo via, Anyone putting money in the stock market at this point should have their head examined. The fact that the stock market had reached a record high for the ninth day in a row should be enough for any rational person to see that we’re in a bubble of massive […]

Dismal Chinese Trade Data Sparks Panic-Buying In US Stocks

Because nothing says 'panic-buy' stocks like the worst Chinese trade data of the year. Something 'odd' ocurred at 0943ET. Stocks were lower and VIX higher, when suddenly… Nasdaq was panic-bid…   VIX was monkey-hammered…   And "Most Shorted" Stocks were squeezed higher…   Of course, this week does line up for a melt-up…

Goldman’s Clients Are Confused About Inflation: Here’s Why / by Tyler Durden / Jul 30, 2017  In his latest weekly kickstart, Goldman’s chief equity strategist David Kostin (who has maintained his year end S&P price target of 2,400 of -3% from current levels), says that the one topic most confusing (and important) to Goldman’s clients in the past week, was what happens to inflation […]

Gold Is On The Move / By Warren Bevan / Sunday, 30 July 2017 I was looking for some excellent earnings numbers this past week and in the week to come but they’ve been lacklustre. My thinking was last week and the week to come would be great, and perhaps compel stocks higher for a week or two after and then […]

What Explains’s Share Price? / July 28, 2017  PCR Takes a Look at Today’s “Top Stories” “Here are today’s top stories on Bloomberg” “Jeff Bezos briefly overtook Bill Gates as the world’s richest person. A surge in Amazon shares Thursday morning in advance of its earnings report gave Bezos a net worth of $92.3 billion, surpassing the Microsoft founder’s $90.8 […]

Why These Constant Market Highs Have Me a Little Concerned / by Shah Gilani / July 24, 2017  Maybe Vanguard Funds’ John Bogle knew he was about to ignite one of the hottest investing crazes of all time when, on Aug. 31, 1976, he launched the world’s first index mutual funds. Then again, maybe he didn’t. But what’s clear is the decades-old “how to invest your own […]

“It Feels Like An Avalanche”: China’s Crackdown On Conglomerates Has Sent A “Shock Wave” Across Markets / by Tyler Durden / Jul 23, 2017  The first to suffer Beijing’s crackdown against China’s private merger-crazy conglomerates, wave was the acquisitive “insurance” behemoth, Anbang, whose CEO Wu Xiaohui briefly disappeared as the Politburo made it clear that the “old way” of money laundering – via offshore deals – is no longer tolerated. Then, several weeks […]

Peak Bull: Fake Economy, and Fake News / by David Stockman / July 15, 2017 This is a syndicated repost courtesy of The Daily Reckoning. To view original, click here. Reposted with permission. The American economy has been mangled by decades of assault on capitalist prosperity. Growth is now dying because the Federal Reserve’s hit on corporate America that has strip-mined its balance sheets to feed […]

How Dumb Is the Fed? / Bill Bonner / July 14, 2017 Bent and Distorted POITOU, FRANCE – This morning, we are wondering: How dumb is the Fed? The question was prompted by this comment by former Fed insider Chris Whalen at The Institutional Risk Analyst blog. *** [O]ur message to the folks in Jackson Hole this week [at the annual central banker […]