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Summer Epocalypse Countdown: Trump Turmoil Takes Top Off Trump Rally / By David Haggith / 23 May 2017 When financial Armageddon arrives, it can hit in a flash like a dangerous rogue wave — the kind that rises up when two big waves from different storms intersect and merge into a single wave big enough to capsize a ship. The global Wannacry warware attack […]

Manchester Attack Sees Asian Stocks Fall, Gold Firm / By Mark O’Byrne / May 23, 2017  The appalling attack in Manchester overnight in which over 22 people have been killed has led to a slight uptick in risk aversion in markets. Investors are cautious after police said they were treating a bombing at a concert in the Manchester Arena as a “terrorist incident”. *** […]

Stocks Jump As Dollar Dumps And Bitcoin Explodes To Record Highs / by Tyler Durden / May 22, 2017 Just because it made us laugh… *** As Bloomberg notes, the S&P 500 climbed for the third consecutive session as President Donald Trump’s trip to Saudi Arabia netted deals that lifted defense shares. The euro remains firm having pared gains from Chancellor Angela Merkel’s comment referring to the […]

BofA Finally Asks “Is The Tech Bubble Happening Again?” / by Tyler Durden / May 22, 2017 2:08 PM While not nearly in the same ballpark as what is taking place right now with bitcoin, and its various alt-coin peers, the ~30% YTD move higher in tech stocks has been just as impressive, and is beginning to result in warnings of “deja vu” among at least […]

Trump Turmoil Grows, Prompting Flight to Safety / By Clint Siegner / 22 May 2017 Donald Trump has been dogged by efforts to undermine his presidency since winning the election in November. Deep State operators and political partisans have been working around the clock to hang a scandal around the president’s neck large enough to ruin him. If markets are any […]

Gold Somewhat Ignores Dollar Weakness / By Jordan Roy-Byrne / Sunday, 21 May 2017 The precious metals complex rebounded as expected after becoming very oversold just a few weeks ago. The rebound has been aided by weakness in the US Dollar, which plunged roughly 2% over several days. However, upon further inspection Gold’s rebound has been entirely dollar-centric. Gold has remained […]

JPMorgan: “A Trump Impeachment Is Very, Very Unlikely” / by Tyler Durden / May 17, 2017 While it’s not the product of JPM’s political analysts, but instead comes straight from the far more visceral and intuitive trading desk, moments ago JPMorgan, as part of its intraday summary, notes that contrary to some other speculation, most notably by Heights Securities, a “Trump impeachment is very, […]

Stocks and Precious Metals Charts – Mind the Gap / 17 MAY 2017 “Starting around 1980, American society began to undergo a series of deep shifts. Deregulation, weakened antitrust enforcement, and technological changes led to increasing concentration of industry and finance. Money began to play a larger and more corrupting role in politics. America fell behind other nations in education, in infrastructure, and in […]

The Dow Plunges 372 Points As Trump Impeachment Talk Reaches A Fever Pitch On Capitol Hill

The wolves are circling, and members of Congress from both political parties are now openly talking about impeaching President Trump.  On Wednesday, speculation of a looming Trump impeachment sent stocks plunging.  The Dow was down 372 points, and the S&P 500 and the Nasdaq both experienced their largest declines in eight months.  This downturn was […]

Stocks hit record high on sagging performance, higher debt. / by Simon Black / May 16, 2017 There’s something completely ridiculous happening around the world right now. We can start in the United Kingdom, where the FTSE-100 stock market index hit an all-time high yesterday of 7454. Simultaneously the British government released statistics yesterday showing that debt judgments and bankruptcy filings across the UK […]