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Americans “Worry About Hunger and Homelessness” As Income Drops, Jobs Dry Up

While those at the top of the heap are getting richer than ever, millions upon millions of Americans are struggling more than ever before. As a general institution, jobs for the masses increasingly feature frozen wages, evaporating benefits, part time hours, and less than stellar opportunities. For these people, just getting by can be very […]

SHTFplan: “It Is a Pathology That Characterizes America’s Upper Middle-Class”: Entitled and Doomed

Prepare yourself. Buy physical silver and storable food. This article was written by Charles Hugh Smith and originally published at his Of Two Minds blog. Editor’s Comment: This goes beyond the wealth gap and the 1%. If this is how clueless, and ultimately helpless, the well-off can be, it suggests that the rest of us […]

Deborah Edler Brown Walking in Joy

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