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Hong Kong Braces For Worst Storm In 34 Years As Typhoon Usagi Approaches, “Astronomical” Storm Surge Forecast / By Tyler Durden / September 22, 2013, 10:19 -0400 One year ago New York had Superstorm Sandy. Now, with Typhoon Usagi closing in, Hong Kong is bracing for impact as the strongest storm in 34 years is set to hit the financial hub head on. As Severe Typhoon Usagi bore down on the city, […]

Attention Krugman: NY Fed Admits Net Wealth Not Changed By Stimulus Spending / By Tyler Durden / August 7, 2013, 20:08 -0400 The New York metro region’s recovery from Superstorm Sandy is well under way. Spending on restoration and rebuilding activities following a natural disaster is a potentially powerful economic stimulus to the affected area. Indeed, money from outside the region – in the form of federal […]

The Tremendous Economic Benefits Of Superstorm Sandy / By Jim Quinn / 10/31/2012 – 23:19 The Tremendous Economic Benefits Of Superstorm Sandy The public relations propaganda campaign to convince the ignorant masses that Sandy’s impact on our economy will be minor and ultimately positive, as rebuilding boosts GDP, has begun. I’ve been hearing it on the corporate radio, seeing it on […]

Hedging the Sandy Shell Game of Eroding Investor Confidence with Catastrophe Bonds!

Welcome to Capital Account. The US stock market reopened today after the longest weather related shutdown since the Great Blizzard of 1888. Today, Stephanie Ruhle of Bloomberg asked Terrence Duffy, executive chairman of CME Group, if the decision to shut down the market was influenced by the fear of losing investor confidence, citing scandals that […]