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Amazon Now Wants To Photograph Your Home Every Time They Make A Delivery

Amazon has decided to offer a new service that seems innocent on the surface. The retailer has begun photographing packages left at homes and sending that picture to the customer’s email address to help them locate packages that may have been hidden. It all seems so innocent. But is it? According to Natural News, Amazon’s new […]

Surveillance State? Nah, Can’t Happen…Because it Happened Already

Many have argued that there is neither a surveillance state, nor a concerted effort to disarm the public door-to-door, house by house, etc. Some of these are far-leftists, masquerading as conservatives…trying to appear “skeptically cynical.” We’ll “game” the thought, to bring everyone back from opacity to transparency. The Communists, Marxists, Leftists, Progressives, Liberals, Democrats, and […]

China: Testing Ground for U.S. Surveillance

There is little doubt for most of us that the recent shootings in Florida were not merely a “spontaneous, random event,” precipitated by one individual. At the very least, if Cruz (the alleged shooter) was a “lone wolf,” then the Deep State and those who back it in the Congress are going to exploit it. […]

Paying For The Surveillance State: Detroit Businesses Are Being FORCED To Pay To Allow Police To SPY On Their Customers

In yet another shocking example of the ever increasing American police state, the Mayor of Detroit is planning to mandate that all businesses that stay open later than 10pm be equipped with surveillance equipment that said businesses would then be forced to pay for. The mandate would increase the amount of businesses taking part in […]

Globalism: Destruction of Nations from Without and Within

For this first piece of the New Year, I propose to take two points into consideration for the remainder of the year, and observe how each point is pursued in the march toward global governance. Using a combination of groupthink, social “needs” (in accordance with Maslow’s hierarchy), and contrived crises, the UN is pushing the […]

Senator Rand Paul to Filibuster “Long-Term” Surveillance Extension

I will actively oppose and filibuster any long term extension of warrantless searches of American citizens — Senator Rand Paul (@RandPaul) December 20, 2017 / Mike “Mish” Shedlock /  Dec 21, 2017 A program that allows gov’t to collect data without a warrant expires this year. Paul opposes a “long-term” extension. Senator Rand Paul is taking […]

The Deep State’s Christmas Present To America: Surveillance That Never Ends

Authored by John Whitehead via The Rutherford Institute, Just in time for Christmas, the Deep State wants to give America the gift that keeps on giving: never-ending mass surveillance. I’m not referring to the kind of surveillance carried out by that all-knowing and all-seeing Jolly Old St. Nick and his informant the Elf on the […]

THE DEEP STATE’S CHRISTMAS PRESENT TO AMERICA: SURVEILLANCE THAT NEVER ENDS / JOHN W. WHITEHEAD VIA  THE RUTHERFORD INSTITUTE  / DECEMBER 13, 2017  “He sees you when you’re sleeping He knows when you’re awake He knows when you’ve been bad or good So be good for goodness sake!” —“Santa Claus Is Coming to Town” Just in time for Christmas, the Deep State wants to give America the gift that […]

Inside-Out and Outside-In: Tracking and Control, or War

This article is dedicated to Kevin2 and Braveheart1776, who both see They cannot be defeated by conventional means, by acceptable methods: the game is rigged. The actuarial scientists with strongpoints in Games Theory have already plotted it: The Think Tanks for things such as “policy research” aren’t initiating any actions that are “new.” They initiate […]

Google Has Developed the Chinese Police State Surveillance Grid-America Is Next- Pat Wood-CSS Hr 3-11/19/17 / By Dave Hodges / November 22nd, 2017 Pat Wood, author of Technocracy Rising joined dave to discuss how quickly America is becoming the next China with regard to civil liberties. SOURCE The post Google Has Developed the Chinese Police State Surveillance Grid-America Is Next- Pat Wood-CSS Hr 3-11/19/17 appeared first on Silver For The People.