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HUNDREDS OF SYRIAN REBELS EVACUATE HOMS AFTER RECONCILIATION DEAL / WILL PORTER / MAY 22, 2017 Syrian rebels and their families left the last opposition-held district of the city of Homs on Sunday, after the implementation of a reconciliation deal that will put the city back under the control of the Assad government. “The city of Homs is completely clear of weapons and militants after completing […]

Caught On Tape: Hezbollah Fighter Calmly Dodges Missile Launched By Syrian Rebels / by Tyler Durden on 12/23/2015 15:20  Over the past several months, we’ve attempted to explain why Washington’s strategy to arm anti-Assad elements in Syria is even more absurd now than it was initially. At this point, anyone who follows the conflict is well aware that ISIS and al-Nusra have powerful, wealthy benefactors in Ankara, […]

Another CIA Fiasco: 80% Of U.S. Weapons For “Syrian Rebels” Went To Al Qaeda / by Tyler Durden on 10/10/2015 13:06 One week ago, when summarizing the current state of play in Syria, we said that for Obama, “this is shaping up to be the most spectacular US foreign policy debacle since Vietnam.” Yesterday, in tacit confirmation of this assessment, the Obama administration threw in the towel on one […]

Here are the amazing details of how the US government managed to deliver a huge supply of weapons to the Syrian rebels and terrorists, even though doing so was illegal. / BY IWB · JULY 5, 2015 More than 86-thousand licenses for delivering weapons with a value of $44.3 billion dollars were granted in 2011 ? a surge of more than $10 billion dollars from the previous year. The United States supported the secret supply of weapons to Libyan rebels while Hillary Clinton was Secretary […]

How The “Syrian Rebels” Really Feel About “Friendly” US Airstrikes / by Tyler Durden / 09/27/2014 16:47 -0400 Late yesterday, General Martin Dempsey, chairman of the U.S. military’s Joint Chiefs of Staff, disclosed what in a nutshell US strategy in Syria would be. For one, he announced that the US would require some 12,000-15,000 armed, trained and paid for boots on the ground, i.e., mercenaries to […]

United States Launches Airstrikes in Syria – Real Target Is Assad / By Brandon Turbeville,  Activist Post / September 23rd, 2014 Late Monday evening, September 22, the United States began the first of its airstrikes inside Syria. Although details are still murky about where the attacks took place and what targets were actually hit, the Pentagon has acknowledged responsibility for the bombings. According to USA Today, Rear Admiral […]

Rand Paul: 600 Tons of Weapons Given to Syrian Rebels Last Year Made ISIS Stronger / Aaron Nelson / September 20th, 2014 Rand Paul hit a home run with his speech to the Senate, stressing that the ISIL is using the weapons we have been arming the Syrian rebels with, and that anyone suggesting otherwise is being ‘intellectually dishonest‘. “We gave 600 tons of weapons to the Syrian rebels in 2013 alone,” Paul […]

Devil’s Deal: US-Backed Syrian Rebels Already Signed Pact with ISIS Prior to Haines ‘Beheading’

IMAGE: ‘Masking the truth’ – An apparent member of ISIS featured in the PR rise (Photo link / BY SHAWN HELTON / SEPTEMBER 16, 2014 21st Century Wire says… While Washington considers appropriating half a billion in funds to the Syrian rebels, we now learn that opposition groups the Free Syrian Army (FSA) and al Qaeda affiliate ‘al […]

Congress Secretly Approves Taxpayer Funds to Arm Syrian Rebels / By Dean Garrison / Jan 28, 2014 It’s 3AM and I’m so angry I am literally shaking. Don’t expect any unbiased reporting on my part this morning. Congress just made a move to officially arm Syrian Rebels, totally against the will of the American people, and I am furious. This cannot go without a response. I will […]

25 Quotes About The Coming War With Syria That Every American Should See

If Barack Obama is going to attack Syria, he is going to do it without the support of the American people, without the approval of Congress, without the approval of the United Nations, and without the help of the British.  Now that the British Parliament has voted against a military strike, the Obama administration is […]