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More Tapering? ECB Monetizes Fewest Bonds In August Since Start Of Q€ / by Tyler Durden / 09/07/2015 11:35 Back On May 19, ECB executive board member Benoit Couere caused a scandal of heretofore unseen proportions, when it was revealed that he had disclosed European central bank policy in private to a group of hedge funds almost 12 hours before the ECB publicly revealed a substantial shift in QE […]

What’s Really Driving Gold and Silver? / By Dr. Jeffrey Lewis / Apr 26, 2015 This week a subscriber shared with me an interesting and well-written analysis. The focus was mainly relative to gold. He wondered if I might shed light on silver – based on similar parameters. First and foremost, I do not deny the complex tertiary dynamics with regard to […]

Gold Rising-Rate Fallacy / Adam Hamilton / August 22, 2014 Gold has slid during this past week on mounting fears of interest-rate hikes.  Between the latest FOMC meeting’s minutes and the Fed’s annual Jackson Hole Economic Policy Symposium, American futures speculators’ rising-rate phobias have been whipped into a fever pitch.  They worry gold will be crushed when the […]

FMQ carries on growing… / Alasdair Macleod / 1 August 14 June’s FMQ components have now been released by the St Louis Fed, and it stands at a record $13.132 trillion. As can be seen in the chart above, it is $5.48 trillion more than an extension of the pre-Lehman crisis exponential growth trend. At this point readers not […]

Things That Make You Go Hmmm… Like Central Banks’ “Must-Win Confidence Game” / by Tyler Durden on 06/24/2014 20:59 Are the markets ready (and, more importantly, able) to withstand higher rates? Well, with the Fed tapering another $10 bn last week to a chorus of “meh” from the markets, it certainly seems to suggest that this whole taper thing is going to trundle along harmlessly until […]

Why Janet Yellen Is Hoping California Chrome Wins The Triple Crown / by Tyler Durden on 06/06/2014 17:16 With The Fed tapering proceeding as scheduled and complacency having reached 11 on the Spinal Tap amplifier of over-confidence, Janet Yellen and her fellow PhDs have one last best hope… a second-half pick up to magically confirm escape velocity and ‘prove’ monetary policy is not simply the […]

Interest Rate Puzzle — Paul Craig Roberts and Dave Kranzler / By Paul Craig Roberts and Dave Kranzler / June 4, 2014 One of the biggest puzzles in the financial markets this year has been the considerable fall in interest rates despite the Fed’s program of tapering or cutting back the Fed’s bond purchases known as Quantitative Easing. A year ago, when Fed Chairman Bernanke announced the possibility of […]

The Fed Is The Great Deceiver — Paul Craig Roberts and Dave Kranzler

The Great Deceiver — The Federal Reserve Paul Craig Roberts and Dave Kranzler Is the Fed “tapering”? Did the Fed really cut its bond purchases during the three month period November 2013 through January 2014? Apparently not if foreign holders of Treasuries are unloading them. From November 2013 through January 2014 Belgium with a GDP […]

The Most Damning Proof Yet Of QE Failure / By Andrew Hoffman  / May 8th, 2014   Despite the myriad fallacies of such narrow-minded beliefs, the reason “tapering” is touted as “PM negative” is the assumption it will coincide with a rapidly improving economy and with it, higher interest rates.  Better yet, propagandists like Janet Yellen, Mario Draghi, Mark Carney, and Shinzo Abe create fraudulent […]

China Syndrome / By Andrew Hoffman / May 5, 2014 It’s Monday morning, and hallelujah – we not only did we not see a “Sunday Night Sentiment” attack for the first time in 40 weeks – as early attempts were rebuffed at the likely new floor level of $1,300/oz. but no “2:15 AM EST” raid occurred […]