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Banks Battered, Biotechs Best As Yield Curve Crashes To 10-Year Lows

Tech investors the last 2 days…   Lots of chatter again this week about shrinking The Fed's balance sheet… it's gonna happen no matter what and it is looming… so The fed will be shrinking at $20-50bn a month going forward, will The ECB or BOJ step up and increase their buying to keep the […]

“Mr. Carlson Said One Of His Clients Had 40% Of His Net Worth In Apple”

The WSJ has a good article explaining how schizophrenic the tech rally this year has been, with shares of giant tech firms “cropping up everywhere” in the universe of factor-based strats, even contradictory ones. Some examples: “Apple is in five low-volatility ETFs with a collective $14 billion and nine momentum ETFs with $17.7 billion, according […]

Welcome To The Valium Era

Authored by Bonner & Partners' Bill Bonner, annotated by Acting-Man's Pater Tenebrarum, Don’t Be Fooled by These Calm Markets What is happening in the world of money? Well – the most striking thing is: nothing. It doesn’t seem to matter what happens. Dysfunction in Washington. Meltdown of the techs. No matter how rough the seas get, […]

JPM Head Quant Warns Of “Catastrophic Losses” For Short Vol Strategies

It has been a while since we heard from JPM’s quant guru, Marko Kolanovic, who following the recent FANG crash and quant rotations and ahead of this Friday’s massive S&P op-ex, has published his latest latter, covering everything from the aforementioned market moves, to the ongoing drastic changes in the market structure, to the prevailing […]

BMO: The “Fantastic” Trend Finally Broke Down; Use “Panic Signalling” To Get Out

For the chartists out there, BMO’s technical guru Mark Steele has a few observations based on the recent move in the Growth/Value trend, and what to do expect going forward. First he notes, that as he said last week, “we’d keep an eye on the Largest 10 technology stocks, from our early June note (Leadership […]

Coffee; 25% decline present opportunities here?

Coffee may a joy to drink in the morning, yet being long it the past 6-months, has been a painful experience! Since last November, Coffee ETF (JO) has lost over 25% of its value. Could this decline be presenting an opportunity? Possible! Check out the chart of JO below CLICK ON CHART TO ENLARGE The large decline […]

Doc Copper; Breakout test in play

Ole Doc Copper hasn’t done too well over the past 6-years, as it has created a series lower highs since 2011. Over the past 18-months, Doc has been attempting to create a series of higher lows in the chart below. CLICK ON CHART TO ENLARGE Copper appears to be creating these short-term higher lows inside […]

VIX ‘Risk’ Hits Record High As Traders Bet On Chaos To Come

While VIX closed at its lowest level since 1993 on Friday, VVIX (which tracks the anticipated volatitilty of VIX) completed a fourth week of gains in five, reaching a record high relative to the measure of equity turbulence.   As Bloomberg notes, with the VIX down more than 30% this year through the end of […]

VIX Jumps As Yield Curve Dumps To 7-Month Lows

Macro data, the dollar, and the yield curve are 'breaking bad' so when does the Walter White market die?   Another day, another set of dismal data (with soft data's dump continuing)…   But The Nasdaq was bid (up for the 8th day in a row), because the real economy doesn't matter and buying safe-haven […]

Gold Miners; Breakout about to happen, says Joe Friday

  When it comes to investors being bullish Gold miners ETF GDX, they are hard to find, as outflows are hitting levels never seen. Below looks at inflows/outflows from GDX over the past 11-years. As you can see, investors are bailing out of GDX like never before!   CLICK ON CHART TO ENLARGE Inflows and Outflows […]