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The Greatest Silver Chart of All-Time / September 10, 2012 A reader asked me to update a previous long-term silver chart of mine. Below, is the updated long- term chart for silver (click to enlarge): Since the last chart, silver has broken out of the pennant formation (on the short-term chart), and is looking really good. On the chart, I […]

Twitter Trading / August 30, 2012 Whether you believe it or not, people use technical analysis. The latest “indicator” is measuring sentiment by tracking Twitter feeds on individual stocks. Via Downside Hedge. With the advent of social media sites such as Twitter, investors now have the ability to get real time sentiment information on individual stocks […]

One Year ago Silver & Dow 2012.08.22

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Gold Technical Analysis 2012.08.10

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Gold & Silver chart update 2012-08-03

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Silver Chart Update 2012.08.01

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Silver Chart Update 2012.07.31

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Silver, Gold & Dow Charts 2012.07.26

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