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Iran’s WW3 WARNING: ‘We Won’t Negotiate Over Middle East DOMINANCE’

Iran has just issued a chilling warning to the West. The nation has declared that it will not negotiate over its authority in the Middle East and its presence in other certain nations. Iran’s comments come as French foreign minister sought to discuss Tehran’s role in regional conflicts on a visit to the capital.  Supreme […]

Iran Claims Successful Missile Launch, The US Says It Didn’t Happen

The nation of Iran is claiming that they successfully launched a missile, but the United States disagrees. US intelligence officials said there was “no indication” Iran launched a medium-range ballistic missile. Word of the alleged launch surfaced on Friday as Iran claimed a missile launch was successful. Multiple news outlets reported on Monday that the launch was faked. According […]

Iran Releases Video Showing Off Brand New Ballistic Missile / by Tyler Durden / Sep 23, 2017 On Friday, we reported that in the latest snub by President Hassan Rouhani to the Trump administration, on Friday the Iranian president said Tehran would continue its missile program in defiance of US sanctions, and to underscore the determination, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard unveiled its newest long-range ballistic missile during […]

Terrorists Raid Iran Parliament, Mausoleum; Gunmen, Suicide Bombers Leave At Least Seven Dead

Terrorist attackers raided Iran’s parliament and opened fire at the Mausoleum of Ayatollah Khomeini a few kilometers south of the capital on Wednesday morning, in near simultaneous assaults that killed up to seven people, Reuters reported citing local media.  The first assault took place at 10.30am local time when the parliament was in session. Four […]

Iran Commemorates “Captured US Sailors”-Day With Massive Billboard

Just over a year since Iran captured 10 US sailors – and detained them for around 15 hours – for entering Iranian waters “illegally,” it appears America’s nuclear-deal-partner wants to make sure its citizenry do not forget… Huge billboard in Tehran commemorates the capture of the US sailors… h/t @potkazar

All Quiet On The Eurasian Front / by Pepe Escobar / 04/05/2016 22:25 -0400 So now Iran is back to being demonized by the West as “provocative” and “destabilizing”. How come? Wasn’t the nuclear deal supposed to have brought Iran back to the Western-concocted “concert of nations”? Iran will once again be discussed at the UN Security Council. The reason: recent ballistic missile […]

ISIS Axis Assemble! Turkey To Establish Military Base In Qatar / by Tyler Durden on 12/18/2015 17:00 As we never tire of reminding readers, it’s critical to understand that the conflict in Syria, as interesting and important as it is in isolation, is part of larger story. As we documented in “Mid-East Coup: As Russia Pounds Militant Targets, Iran Readies Ground Invasions While Saudis Panic,” […]

‘Israel led by lunatics, tough talk on Iran just demagogy’

The UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has condemned threats by Israel and the US to strike Iran. This comes after Tehran rejected as a ‘political move’ the latest report by the IAEA which claimed the country has doubled its nuclear capacity. For expert opinion on the story, RT talks to Eric Draitser, who’s a geopolitical analyst […]

‘NAM summit a direct challenge to US hegemony in region’

The UN chief Ban Ki-moon, who’s at the meeting despite U.S. objections, says Iran can play a role in halting the war in Syria. Tehran’s own international issues, including its disputed nuclear programme, are also part of discussions. Writer Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich thinks Tehran is still being quite courteous… RT LIVE Subscribe to RT! […]

‘US becoming increasingly isolated’

The United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has arrived in Tehran to take part in the Summit of the Non-Aligned Movement, a bloc of countries that don’t consider themselves in union with the U.S. Washington has voiced criticism of the UN chief’s visit to Iran and of the gathering in general. Despite Iran’s willingness and […]