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Emerging Markets: Preview of the Week Ahead / Dr. Win Thin /  Oct 1, 2017 EM FX firmed Friday, but capped off a bad week overall.  US jobs data this Friday is unlikely to provide much clarity on Fed policy, though we think it remains on track to hike again in December.  The Fed’s balance sheet reduction will start this month.  We remain […]

Super Malaria Bug Spreads Through Southeast Asia

First identified in Cambodia, a new malaria superbug which is spread by mosquitoes, is ravaging southeast Asia. The new form of malaria is also drug-resistant, making the first line of defense against it, null and void. As of now,  five countries in Southeast Asia have reported artemisinin-resistant malaria. (Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam, and Myanmar.) What is […]

Emerging Markets: Week Ahead Preview / Dr. Win Thin / April 30, 2017 EM FX ended last week on a mixed note.  Indeed, the week and the month were also very much mixed for EM, reflecting a variety of global and country-specific drivers impacting these countries.  This week’s US jobs data could bring Fed tightening back as a major driver for […]

Emerging Markets: Preview of the Week Ahead / by Marc Chandler / November 06, 2016 (from my colleague Dr. Win Thin) EM should trade firmer this week on news over the weekend that the FBI said its conclusion on Clinton’s emails remained unchanged. That should lift the cloud of suspicion that grew when the FBI said new emails had been uncovered. With risk appetite […]

Emerging Markets Are Headed for Trouble / GLOBAL RISK INSIGHTS / 09/08/2016 In this debate series, GRI asked: With increasing political risks and instability occurring in spots such as Turkey and Brazil, is there still an appetite for investors to invest heavily in these emerging markets? Analyst Eric Simmons says to hold off for now. Read the opposing case here. The past few years […]

Thai Man Faces 37 Years In Prison For “Insulting” the King’s Dog / by Carey Wedler via on 12/17/2015 15:30 In America, we often joke that what we post on the internet might land us in prison, but for the time being – though perhaps not for long – we are generally safe to say what we like about the government. We worry mostly only about the […]

Syrians linked to ISIS in Thailand ‘to attack Russian interests’ / December 4, 2015 December 2015 – THAILAND – Ten Syrians linked to the Islamic State militant group (ISIS) entered Thailand in October to attack Russian interests, Thai police said in a leaked document citing information from the Russian Federal Security Service. In the document, Special Branch police urged an intensification of security around “target […]

WalMart Lied: Must Remove “Made In USA” Logos From Products Made In China, Thailand / by Tyler Durden on 10/21/2015 12:31 When it comes to amusing (albeit predictable) twists of fate, Wal-Mart has been the gift that keeps on giving this year. In the wake of the giant retailer’s move to hike wages for its lowest-paid employees, the entire world has received a lesson in undergrad economics as $1.5 […]

This Is Not A Drill: India, Russia And Thailand Prepare For Currency War / by Tyler Durden on 08/11/2015 14:52 When China sneezes, the world catches a cold. Alternatively, when China devalues, the rest of the (exporting) world scrambles to not be the last (exporting) nation standing, and to do so next, before everyone else does. Case in point, at least three major emerging market nations announced they […]

Eight TPP Facts the Whole World Can Get Mad About (Pt. 2) / By Chris Campbell / Jul 1, 2015 It’s time to get mad, dear LFT reader…  If you’re not aware of what the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is all about… “The TPP,” one of your fellow LFT readers Charles D. explains, “is designed and negotiated by 617 partners. Twelve are countries, the rest are corporations.” […]