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Trump On Syria Attack: ‘Could Be Very Soon Or Not So Soon At All’

President Donald Trump seemed so sure of himself yesterday when tweeting that Russia should “get ready” for a strike against Syria. He appears to now be backpedaling some, and it’s a small sign that just maybe we won’t go to war over what’s shaping up to be a false flag attack. He did post a […]

Fabian4Liberty: Thank You RE: "If I Wanted America To Be A Dictatorship"

America is descending into a dictatorship unless we take a stand and stop the tyranny. Thanks to all of you who helped share my micro documentary "If I wanted America to Be a Dictatoship" Special thanks to Mike Victory, Sean @ Sgt Report, Vision Victory, Crush the Street, Scott @ The Hyper Report, Christopher Greene, info wars, and the dozens of other websites who shared the piece. I greatly appreciate it. Subscribe to my channel for weekly updates:
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"If I wanted America to Fail"
"If I wanted America to be a dictatorship"