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Nobody’s Buying Hamptons Mega-Mansions Because ‘Small Is The New Big’

Any realtor worth their salt will tell you, when it comes to the home-buying habits of wealthy hedgies and bankers, gaudy McMansions and sprawling estates are so last season. Or, as they say in Greenwich: “Small is the new big." Owners of large homes in tony Hamptons neighborhoods hoping to cash in on a frothy […]

Out-Of-Towners Whine About “The Militarization Of The Hamptons”

The town of Southampton, with its 55,000 year-round residents and vaunted reputation as a summertime playground for wealthy New Yorkers, now has its very own counterterrorism squad. And unsurprisingly, it’s making the out-of-towners nervous. At least that’s what Joe Nocera, a former New York Times columnist who now writes for Bloomberg View, suggested in a […]

Sellers Ask $150M For 14-Acre Beachside Plot As Hamptons Property Market Crashes

Real-estate prices in the Hamptons – the preferred North American summer retreat for wealthy finance types – have long been viewed as a barometer of the general mood on Wall Street. And with US stocks continuing their ascent to fresh record highs, despite Brainard’s admission that "asset valuations do look a bit stretched" and signs […]