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The NYTimes Asks Reporters To Please Refrain From Publishing Partisan Attacks On Twitter

Days after James O'Keefe released his latest undercover video which took direct aim at the New York Times' Audience Strategy Editor, Nick Dudich, who repeatedly admitted to promoting content that intentionally seeks to, among other things, damage President Trump's businesses as a means towards forcing his resignation, The New York Times became the latest mainstream […]

CNN’s Jim Acosta Suffers Intense Verbal Beatdown by White House’s Stephen Miller Over Immigration Policy

Content originally published at   Stephen Miller destroyed two reporters today, who may not recover. His first victim was the NY Times Glenn Thrush. The second, and most severely battered, was CNN’s Jim Acosta — who accused Trump’s new English requirement for immigrants as a racist policy meant to import gents from Great Britain […]

Suggesting New York Times Isn’t Dying, In Spite of Digital Subscription Growth, is Fake News

I’ve read a lot of drivel the past few weeks about the $NYT and how their burgeoning online digital ad business was booming — mostly by disaffected leftards who have somehow tethered themselves to the old gray lady in an effort to defy Trump. Why? You’re fucking stupid. The business has been cut in half […]

New York Times Warns “Budget Cuts Are Coming”, Will Invest $5 Million To Cover Trump

On Tuesday, the New York Times unveiled its “2020 report“, a self-assessment by the newspaper of its ongoing operational progress, accompanied by a note by top editors Dean Baquet and Joe Kahn, which also presents the company’s outlook on the future. Unlike previous years, when The NYT was worried that it was falling behind its […]

Secret Agenda: Are They Planning To Use ‘Russian Interference’ As An Excuse To Invalidate Trump’s Election Victory?

It has been said that nothing happens by accident in politics, and it is certainly no accident that Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, members of the U.S. Senate and the mainstream media are all suddenly buzzing about “Russian hacking” and “Russian interference” in our elections.  Over the past 48 hours, the Washington Post, the New York […]

New York Times Admits “Searing” Complaints About Coverage Hit 15 Year High

Amid the chaos surrounding Trump Tower and The New York Times, the so-called "failing" publication's readers are complaining at a rate on par with what was seen after 9/11 with an angry message: "I expect more from The Times." As's Katie Frates reports, Times readers are writing and calling the Times and commenting on […]

RussiaToday: Fact-finding not in vogue as US smear tactics punish journalists

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