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$1 Trillion Norway Wealth Fund Sees “Red Flag” In Real Estate Market

Back in September, we pointed out that assets managed by Norway’s sovereign wealth fund had surged to over $1 trillion after they made the controversial decision to increase their exposure to global equity bubbles (see: Norway Wealth Fund Assets Surge To Over $1 Trillion On Massive 70% Allocation To Equities).  The move has worked out […]

Is Times Square Next? ISIS Releases Video Of Suicide Bomber Preparing To Detonate In NYC / by Tyler Durden on 11/19/2015 10:16 Earlier this week, Americans were shocked – shocked – when ISIS released a new video threatening to attack Washington DC. The clip – another Hollywood special shot in full HD – is a kind of mini-lecture series featuring three jihadist speakers. One is an intellectual-looking fellow who calmly […]