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SHTFplan: VIRAL: Watch Pro-Choice Protester Roundhouse Kick Pro-Life Woman

Prepare yourself. Buy physical silver and storable food. A video depicting a pro-choice male hair stylist roundhouse kicking a female pro-life activist is going viral. Jordan Hunt, who attacked pro-life advocate Marie-Claire Bissonnette on Sunday at a Life Chain in Toronto, has been fired for violently kicking the woman. Immediately after the brutal attack, the man claims […]

Toronto Mass Homicide: Van Attack Leaves 10 Dead And 15 Injured

A mass homicide in Toronto is not being plastered all over mainstream media, because the homicidal maniac who committed this atrocity used a van, not a gun as his weapon. The attack has left ten people dead and another 15 injured. You may have heard this mentioned, but there won’t be calls to ban or […]

Toronto’s Housing Bubble Pops. “The Frenzy is Over – It’s Over” / by Wolf Richter / Jun 5, 2017 New listings soar as sales plunge. Prices drop 6% in just one month. The magnificent house-price bubble in Toronto, which has raised eyebrows even across the jaded asset-bubble world, is hissing hot air. Residential property sales in Greater Toronto plunged 20% in May year-over-year to 10,196 homes, according […]

How to Prepare for the Coming 40% Crash / By Justin Spittler, editor, Casey Daily Dispatch / May 30, 2017 Get ready for a 40% plunge. That’s David Rosenberg’s message to investors. Rosenberg, as you may know, is one of today’s top economists. But unlike most economists, he’s actually worth listening to. You see, Rosenberg doesn’t work for the government or some think tank. Instead, he oversees […]

All Heck Breaks Loose in Toronto’s House Price Bubble / by Wolf Richter • May 24, 2017 “It’s fear.” During the first two weeks in May, according to preliminary data from Toronto Real Estate Board, home listings surged 47% from the same period last year even as sales plunged 16%. The average selling price dropped 3.3% from April – and this, after a 33% year-over-year spike in […]

New Study Issues ‘Code Red’ on Canadian Housing Affordability / DANIELLE PARK / 05/10/2017 Shelter prices are so over-valued relative to income levels today, that saving just a 10% downpayment now takes 12 years on average, compared with just 5 years to save a 20% deposit twenty years ago. In many cases, people are trying to circumvent the waiting and saving period by borrowing even the […]

Toronto House Price Bubble Hit with 15% Foreign Buyers Tax. “Property Scalpers” & “Double Ending” Brokers Targeted / by Wolf Richter • Apr 20, 2017 “People need to ask themselves very carefully, ‘Why am I buying this house?”’: Stephen Poloz, Bank of Canada. The government of the Province of Ontario announced a laundry list of measures to prick the crazy house price bubble in Toronto and surrounding areas. This includes a 15% transfer tax […]

Toronto House Price Bubble Goes Nuts / by Wolf Richter / Apr 5, 2017 Based on fundamentals? You gotta be kidding. Residential property sales in Greater Toronto soared 17.7% year-over-year to 12,077 homes, according to the Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB). New listings jumped 15.2% to 17,052. Prices for all types of homes, based on the MLS Home Price Index Composite “Benchmark,” […]

50,000-watt Toronto radio station airs interview with GATA secretary

Be prepared for the next great transfer of wealth. Buy physical silver and storable food. / CHRIS POWELL / March 30, 2016 Dear Friend of GATA and Gold: Your secretary/treasurer was interviewed March 19 on “The Real Money Show” broadcast on Toronto radio station CFMJ-AM640, discussing the extensive documentation of gold market manipulation by governments and central […]

Vancouver vs Toronto Real Estate Bubble Risk / by IWB / August 15th, 2015 How Will China’s Declining Economy Affect Vancouver Real Estate? SOURCE The post Vancouver vs Toronto Real Estate Bubble Risk appeared first on Silver For The People.