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SHTFplan: Trump Offered Assange A Pardon In Exchange For His Source, Assange Declined

Prepare yourself. Buy physical silver and storable food. There is still some integrity in the human race.  Julian Assange was offered a pardon from President Donald Trump in exchange for giving up the source of the Democratic National Convention emails that he leaked.  Assange declined the offer refusing to throw his source under the bus. […]

Unsealed CIA Memos Provide Shocking ‘Salt Pit’ Black Site Details

A new batch of 274 CIA documents connected with Bush era torture have just been made public as a result of a lawsuit brought by families of victims. Contained in the documents are newly unearthed details on the CIA’s “black site” program which reached its peak under Bush’s ‘war on terror’ as well as shocking […]

Tech-Wreck Continues – FANG Stocks Tumble Below Friday Flash-Crash Lows

It's not over… Felix Zulauf (via Barron's round table) Do you have any specific investment picks for the second half?   I don’t. Investors should tighten risk-management strategies to their portfolios. I expect the FANG stocks and the Nasdaq to have a big selloff. They could easily fall 30% or 40%. But I don’t want […]

Stocks, Dollar, Bond Yields Tumble As GOP Leaders ‘Not Confident” They Have Votes

House leaders are reportedly mulling next steps if the health bill does not pas as GOP leaders are not confident that they have the votes to pass. The reaction in stocks was very fast… Stocks are fading fast to yesterday's lows and VIX is surging   10Y Yield dropped below 2.40%…   And the Dallar […]

“Shit’s Starting To Break” – Stock Slide Escalates Amid Copper, Credit, & Crude Carnage

One veteran macro trader summed up the markets perfectly "Shit's starting to break" – noting that 'real' macro data decoupled from stocks at the start of the year, VIX decoupled from stocks three weeks ago, EM broke over a week ago, Copper snapped last week, and now High Yield credit is breaking – stocks are […]

Liberal Celebs Praise Anti-Trump: “I Like George W. Bush Now”: Latest PsyOp Against American Mind

This article was written by Michael Krieger and originally published at his Liberty Blitzkrieg site. Editor’s Comment: Few blogs are as consistently aware of keeping their principles as is Liberty Blitzkrieg. Michael Krieger is proving to be the voice that we all need to keep close to our thoughts, reminding us that our civil liberties […]

Who’s Crazy Now? American Psychological Association Supported Torture “At Every Critical Juncture” / Washington’s Blog / May 1st, 2015 Like Nazi and Soviet Psychologists, American Psychologists Aided Abuse While most psychologists are good people, tyrannies have always deployed corrupt psychologists to punish dissenters, and label them “crazy”. The Nazi government substantially supported psychologists … many of whom, in turn, espoused extermination of the people they considered to be “racially […]

Observations on the CIA Torture Report

Be prepared for the next great transfer of wealth. Buy physical silver and storable food. / By Laurence M. Vance / December 30, 2014 The whole world has now had a chance to read and analyze the redacted 525-pageexecutive summary of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence’s Committee “Study of the Central Intelligence Agency’s Detention and […]

Napoleon vs. Cheney: “Interrogation That Actually Works”; Icing on the “Hate-Cake”

Be prepared for the next great transfer of wealth. Buy physical silver and storable food. / Mike “Mish” Shedlock / December 17, 2014 Not only is torture against international law, it also produces no useful intelligence. Common sense is enough to prove that statement. If someone threatened to rape your sister, kill your mom,  or […]

SHTFplan: Torture Produces Lies for More War: Bush Admin Aimed to “Elicit FALSE Confessions for Propaganda Purposes”

Prepare yourself. Buy physical silver and storable food. Illustration by Carlos Latuff, Wikimedia Commons. “It’s not torture when U.S. forces are doing it…” This article was originally published by Washington’s Blog. Editor’s Note: As this article makes quite clear, while the debate over the use of torture by the CIA and other entities against enemies […]