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Timeshare Fraud – the hot new securities fraud

Every now and again we at Elite E Services stumble upon business models in the course of our operation that are sometimes interesting but alarming at the same time – in this case, timeshare fraud.  After having our head held under water by combination of ugly circumstances (tough regulation making business impossible but at the […]

Flying Is About To Get Even More Miserable…Well, At Least For Poor People

At a time when you would think the airlines would be a little more image conscious, you know because of that whole beating customers and dragging them off the plane thing that United did, they’re apparently doubling down on efforts to make “Flying The Friendly Skies” the most miserable experience ever.   After years of […]

These Are The Most Dangerous Countries For American Tourists

By Priceonomics Data Studio Each year, the State Department issues dozens of advisories with the intent of keeping Americans safe as they travel abroad. What countries are targeted by these advisories, and what risks do Americans face by visiting them? Are State Department advisories effective in keeping American travelers safe? We decided to investigate what […]

Economics, Immigration and Terrorism: Europeans “Could See Civil War, Unrest And Utter Chaos”

Are we witnessing the end of the EU as we know it? Things have become so utterly unstable in the European forecast that experts are now expecting to see full on clashes, and eventually, even civil war in the streets. The pressure of increasing terror attacks in major EU countries, a populist revolt against economic […]

DEA Scans Travel Data To Seize Cash; Vague Profile That Could Be Anyone: “Good Agents Chase Cash”

Think the police state isn’t catching up to us all? Just better hope that nothing happens to you, even if you aren’t doing anything wrong… because authorities are now combing through travel data and flagging anyone who might be carrying cash. They want the cash, and the DEA say they are targeting couriers for drug […]

SHTFplan: The TSA’s Answer to Long Lines Is… Wait for It… “More Security”

Prepare yourself. Buy physical silver and storable food. In a very classic sense, it is a strategy for acquiring more power. Problem. Reaction. Solution. Though the TSA has never been effective at catching or reducing terrorism, it has become very good at inconveniencing Americans. Rifling through their things, herding them through x-ray machines reminiscent of […]

SHTFplan: Fed Up With Traffic? Highway “Straddling Bus” Would Carry 1400, Allow Cars to Drive Underneath

Prepare yourself. Buy physical silver and storable food. Innovation is the only way out of tough jams. And few problems are more frustrating and impeding than traffic. A company in China has designed and developed plans to launch a giant bus that would be elevated above the highway, straddling rails and even allowing other cars […]

SHTFplan: What the Hell Was That? Space Station Feed Catches Mysterious Object Hovering Over Earth

Prepare yourself. Buy physical silver and storable food. This article was written by Piper McGowan and originally published at The Daily Sheeple. Editor’s Comment: You gotta wonder what is really going on. One thing is clear: NASA and the government aren’t going to tell us anything remotely close to the truth. What in the hell […]

The IRS Can Nix Your Right to Travel: “They Could Revoke Your Passport on Your Honeymoon”

Never mind the fact that the IRS itself has been unconstitutionally taxing most Americans for the past century. If you are found to be delinquent in paying your taxes,the IRS can now revoke your passport, and prevent you from traveling until you’ve been cleared by the tax behemoth. As USA Today reports: A new enforcement […]

Mayor Searched, Stripped of Electronics: “Being US Citizen Did Not Entitle Me to Rights That I Probably Thought”

This article was written by Michael Krieger and originally published at his Liberty Blitzkrieg website. Editor’s Note: The attitude of federal authorities has continually been one of arrogance and dominance over the American people. The fact that it is now happening to a high profile mayor is all the more unsettling – particularly as they […]