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Analyst: Skyrocketing Debt Cannot Be Supported By Money Printing Forever

Something is eventually going to have to give.  The United State’s debt which has shot up over $21 trillion dollars cannot be sustained by printing money forever, says a financial analyst. According to TeleTradeBel analyst Mikhail Grachev, the US debt, supported by the printing of dollars could be coming to an end. “From 2009 to 2014. […]

7/11/17: 800 years of bond markets cycles / by Constantin Gurdgiev / Tuesday, November 7, 2017 An interesting new working Paper from the BofE, titled “Eight centuries of the risk-free rate: bond market reversals from the Venetians to the ‘VaR shock’” (Bank of England, Staff Working Paper No. 686, October 2017) by Paul Schmelzing looks at new data for “the annual risk-free rate […]

We’ll Look Back At This And Cringe, Part 1: European Junk Bonds Yield Less Than US Treasuries / by John Rubino / NOVEMBER 5, 2017 Financial bubbles are the office Christmas parties of the investment world. They start slowly, with a certain amount of anxiety. But they end wildly, with acts and decisions that in retrospect seem really, really stupid. Millions of people out there still bear the psychic scars of buying gold […]

Visa Begins Bribing Merchants To Stop Taking Cash / by Yves Smith via Naked Capitalism blog / Jul 13, 2017 The war on cash is escalating. A big driver isn’t central banks who want to be able to inflict negative interest rates on savers, or Treasuries who see cash transactions as hiding revenues from their tax collectors, but the payment networks that want to kill cash […]

The Knives Come Out for Trump / Bill Bonner / May 19, 2017 A Minor Derailment GUALFIN, ARGENTINA – Yesterday, stocks fell. And volatility shot up. *** Reports Bloomberg: The Dow Jones Industrial Average tumbled more than 370 points, Treasuries rallied the most since July and volatility spiked higher as the turmoil surrounding the Trump administration roiled financial markets around the globe. […]

By Itself, a Chinese Sell-Off in US Debt Won’t Imperil the Dollar / Frank Shostak / March 14, 2017 After climbing to $1.315 trillion by July 2011, China’s holdings of US Treasuries have been in a downtrend closing at $1.058 trillion by December last year — a fall of 19.5%. As a percentage of total foreign holdings of US Treasuries, China’s holdings fell from 28.2% in July […]

Traders May “Sell The Inauguration” But BofA Is Not Calling For “A Big Short” Yet / by Tyler Durden / Jan 8, 2017 Along with most of his Wall Street peers, BofA’s Chief Investment Strategist Michael Hartnett flipped his outlook on risk assets shortly after the election, turning from quietly bearish to vocally bullish and forecasting a substantial rise in US equities, and even more substantial bounce for Japanese, European and […]

Treasuries Melt Down, Junk Bonds Boom, Yield Spreads Collapse / by Wolf Richter / Dec 13, 2016 The Hot Money returns, bets on Oil Nirvana. The costs of borrowing for the US government are jumping. On Monday, the US Treasury auctioned $34 billion of three-month bills at a discount rate of 0.53%, the highest since October 2008. These short-term bills sell for less than face […]

“Cheapest” US Treasuries In 3 Years Spark Japanese Bond Selling, Send 10Y JGB Yields Positive At 8-Month Highs / by Tyler Durden / Nov 15, 2016 At 225bps, the extra yield gained from buying 10Y US Treasuries over 10Y JGBs appears to have been the catalyst for tonight’s sudden moves in bond markets. The widest spread since 2013 has sparked JGB selling (10Y JGB yields +2bps broke above 0.00% and back at their highest […]

As China Liquidates US Treasuries, It is “Gobbling” Up Japanese Government Bonds / by Tyler Durden / Oct 26, 2016  As we reported one week ago, the latest Treasury International Capital report revealed something disturbing: not only had foreign central banks sold a record amount of US Treasurys in the past 12 months, some $346 billion worth… *** … but America’s largest foreign creditor, China, sold a record […]