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SHTFplan: Strategist: Market Sell Off Could Get Worse As It Echos ’87 Crash

Prepare yourself. Buy physical silver and storable food. Simon Derrick, an economic chief strategist, warned that the ongoing sell-offs in equity markets are drawing slight parallels with the crash of the late 1980s.  Derrick alleges that this sell-off could get worse as it continues to echo the 1987 crash. Derrick, who is the chief currency […]

Central Banks Will Let The Next Crash Happen

This report was originally published by Brandon Smith at If you have been following the public commentary from central banks around the world the past few months, you know that there has been a considerable change in tone compared to the last several years. For example, officials at the European Central Bank are hinting at […]

We Are Getting Very Close To An Inverted Yield Curve – And If That Happens A Recession Is Essentially Guaranteed

If something happens seven times in a row, do you think that there is a pretty good chance that it will happen the eighth time too?  Immediately prior to the last seven recessions, we have seen an inverted yield curve, and it looks like it is about to happen again for the very first time […]

Bonds & Bullion Battered On Heavy Volume As Dow Nears 21,000 / by Tyler Durden / Mar 1, 2017 9:04 AM The moves in markets have acelerated notably in the last few minutes with a few billion dollars of notional gold being dumped, silver down, and Treasury yields exploding higher as The Dow pushes to open at 21,000… Gold is being monkey-hammered… READ MORE The post Bonds & […]

Swap Spreads Surge To 5-Year Highs As Debt Ceiling Despair Strikes / by Tyler Durden Feb 27, 2017 2:30 PM It appears David Stockman’s warnings over the looming debt ceiling debacle has sparked some investors to face up to reality once again. The Treasury-Bill yield curve has inverted further and swap spreads soared to five-year highs. The difference between 2-year swap rates and Treasury yields has widened […]

Foreigners Are Dumping U.S. Debt At A Record Pace And Our $20 Trillion National Debt Is Poised To Become A Major Crisis

While most of the country has been focused on the inauguration of Donald Trump, a very real crisis has been brewing behind the scenes. Foreigners are dumping U.S. debt at a faster rate than we have ever seen before, and U.S. Treasury yields have been rising. This is potentially a massive problem, because our entire […]

Tumbling Treasury Yields Signal Possible Fed ‘Policy Error’ Being Priced In

Look at the long end of the curve if this is a "policy error" – BofA — zerohedge (@zerohedge) November 18, 2015 / by Tyler Durden on 11/19/2015 09:25 “If they do hike, watch the long-end,” was the warning in September for clues to a possible policy error by The Fed, and between yesterday’s mainstream […]

Why China Liquidations May Not Spike US Treasury Yields / Via Scotiabank’s Guy Haselmann / 09/03/2015 21:30 -0400 There has been quite a bit of market chatter this week about how central bank selling of foreign exchange (FX) reserves could cause Treasury yields to soar. The market has branded this action ‘Quantitative Tightening’; borrowing the term from a note written by a London-based markets strategist. […]

It’s The Fed, Stupid; Why Kuroda And Draghi Are No Match For Quantitative Tightening / by Tyler Durden / 09/01/2015 22:15 -0400 Earlier today, Deutsche Bank – who last week won the sellside race to coin a new term for the unfolding EM FX reserve unwind – took a close look at the end of the “Great Accumulation” and what it means for asset prices and DM monetary policy going […]

Super Taper Tantrum? How About an UnTaper Tantrum? / Mike “Mish” Shedlock / Wednesday, April 15, 2015 9:39 PM Generally, the IMF is wrong every which way about nearly everything. Thus, one has to wonder if the correct response to ‘Super taper tantrum’ ahead, warns IMF is along the lines of “No Worries Mate“. José Viñals, the director of the IMF’s monetary and capital […]