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Measured move suggest upside power to come

One of our favorite patterns during a bull market is the ascending triangle pattern, especially a multi-year ascending triangle. On October the 12th the Power of the Pattern shared the chart below, asking what would you do with this opportunity. See original post HERE CLICK ON CHART TO ENLARGE Premium and Sector Members bought into this pattern at the time, as […]

Citi Group- Bullish breakout taking place

Citi Group (C) since 2007 highs is much lower in price. Over the past 18-months, its a different story for Citi! Below looks at Citi this year and how it is attempting to breakout from a bullish pattern- CLICK ON CHART TO ENLARGE Over the past few months, Citi appears to have created another bullish ascending […]

Crude Oil; Two Thirds odds of breakout, target $70

Crude Oil has created a series of lower highs and lower lows since the peak in 2008. Since the lows of 14-months ago, Crude has created a series of higher lows and potentially creating a bullish ascending triangle pattern. This pattern two-thirds of the time, leads to an upside breakout. Below looks at a chart Crude […]

Target 2 reached in Silver (Copper target reached) / By Scott Pluschau / May 17, 2012 The second target for the bearish “Head and Shoulders” pattern on silver was reached for greater than $25,000 per contract. The target was using “Measured Rule”, which takes the distance from the top of the head to the neckline, and adding it onto the breakdown point. […]