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Triple Lutz Report #264 – Twinkies Are Back – Life Imitating FSN (and SouthPark)

from Financial Survival Network Sorry we haven’t been able to do a Triple Lutz Report recently. Alot has been happening. I discuss the return of the dreaded Twinkie. Much to the chagrin of healthy eating advocates around the country, it’s coming back. But it is a more competitive leaner and healthier Twinkie, now that its bucked […]

Triple Lutz Report #260 – Progressives Hate The Free Market

from Financial Survival Network Last week was a busy one, but one interview that stood out was my talk with Ellen Shaffer. She is associated with a San Francisco Bay Area think tank. Of course, when you hear those words, you know that collectivist thought is never too far behind. She is outraged by potential cuts to […]

Triple Lutz Report #255 – Is Your College Degree Worth A Half Million Dollars?

from Financial Survival Network How much is your college degree really worth? If you got it 32 years ago like me, it’s worth much more than if you’re getting it today. College tuition has increased by many times more than the real rate of inflation, let alone the phony one the government cooks up. This means […]

Triple Lutz Report #252 – The Continuing Obamacare Meltdown

from Financial Survival Network Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, it is. Seems the lazy bureaucrats have a real problem on their hands. There’s just not enough time to figure out the 70,000 pages of Obamacare regulations. This means that implementation has hit a real roadblock, which is good for you and good […]

Triple Lutz Report #250 – Flight To Red States

from Financial Survival Network Do you live in a Blue State complete with high taxes and numerous regulatory busy bodies? Perhaps it’s time to move to a Red State. Their economies are booming and this is leading to increased immigration. This is no accident. Those states with the no income and relative economic freedom are growing. […]

Triple Lutz Report #248 – Cyprus Meltdown Deepens

from FinancialSurvivalNet The Cyprus banking mess continues on unabated. The Cypriot parliament unanimously voted down the plan to confiscate depositor funds leaving the government with only a few bad choices. Banks are still closed and may never reopen. The IMF/ECB refuses to budge on the confiscation plan and things could get ugly in Cypress and across […]

Triple Lutz Report #247 – The Future Unfolds: Bank Deposit Robbery

from FinancialSurvivalNet Perhaps you’re unaware of what took place over the weekend. Cyprus, an island in the Mediterranean went bust. Their banks required a life saving bailout from the European Central Bank. The help came with a steep price tag. In exchange for $13 billion in aid, account holders were required to forfeit up to 10 […]

Triple Lutz Report #244 – Is Detroit The City Of The Future?

from FinancialSurvivalNet This week Michigan’s governor Rick Snyder reluctantly appointed an Emergency Manager to run the failed city of Detroit. The manager will have sweeping powers that allow him to void contracts, lay-off employees, reorganize entire departments and basically do whatever he pleases. Whether this will allow the city to avoid bankruptcy is an open question. […]

Triple Lutz Report #230 – Catastrophic Trip To Grand Bahama Island

from FinancialSurvivalNet Your humble host against all odds survived a near catastrophic trip to Grand Bahama Island. It started with a 30 minute flight aboard an antique propeller driven aircraft, from Fort Lauderdale Airport to Freeport Bahamas that was delayed by 3 hours. It finished with a gut-wrenching 3 hour ferry ride from Freeport to Fort […]

Triple Lutz Report – Storage Wars, IRA Wars, 401k Wars

from FinancialSurvivalNet The biggest pay day on that fraudulent reality TV show Storage Wars was hit by Darrell Sheets on yesterday’s season finale. He picked up a cool $300,000 worth of rare art work, which set a show record. Of course whether it was real or not is completely beside the point. In our alternate reality […]