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Iran Vows “Decisive, Crushing” Response If Trump Designates Its Elite Guards As Terrorists

On Sunday, in its most explicit warning to Donald Trump not to revise the terms of the Nuclear Deal – something the US president is expected to do over the coming days – Iran warned the United States that U.S. regional military bases “would be at risk” if further sanctions were passed. “The Americans should […]

What Happens To Iran’s Oil Exports If Sanctions Are Renewed: Goldman Explains

President Trump is poised to announce over the coming days, that the landmark Iran nuclear agreement is no longer in the national interest of the United States. While the so-called “decertification” would not be the fatal blow to the Iran deal that Trump promised on the campaign trail, it would kick the issue back to […]

Frontrunning: January 24

Dollar steadies after stumble, sterling rides out Brexit ruling (Reuters) After U.S. exit, Asian nations try to save TPP trade deal (Reuters) U.K. Court Rules Brexit Trigger Needs Parliamentary Vote (BBG) Brexit plans unlikely to be slowed by Article 50 defeat (Reuters) Health Secretary Nominee Proposed Bill Benefiting Puerto Rico Investments (WSJ) How Trump Would […]

Trump The Great?

Authored by Paul Craig Roberts, Liberals, progressives, and the left-wing (to the extent that one still exists) are aligning with the corrupt oligarchy against president-elect Trump and the American people. They are busy at work trying to generate hysteria over Trump’s “authoritarian personality and followers.” In other words, the message is: here come the fascists. […]